Andrew Garcia, Katie Stevens Get the Boot, Lambert Rocks: Our "American Idol" Recap

It was Elvis Week this week on American Idol, and let's face it, everyone performed badly (the King had to have been turning in his grave). However, Andrew Garcia and Katie Stevens were the ones that were sent home during last night's double elimination.


With the exit of Garcia comes the broken heart of his bromantic other half Lee DeWyze. But it was a long time coming, the hipster peaked way too early, and had been going downhill for several weeks. Needless to say, I wasn't surprised nor upset to see him leave.

I did expect Katie to stick around for a couple more weeks. She's not the best, but she's better than some (Aaron *cough* Kelly). Darn you teeny boppers.

Idol alum Adam Lambert, who played mentor for this week, performed "Whataya Want From Me" which was ah-mazing. How is it that he did not win last season? Season 7 contestant Brooke White and Justin Gaston (who?) did a duet singing "If I Can Dream." Oh wait, he's the kid that dated Miley Cyrus and was on Nashville Star. Glad to see they're getting high quality performances on here.

Were you expecting Andrew and Katie to get the boot? Who do you think should have been kicked off?



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