Kate Gosselin Stays, Aiden Goes, -- "Dancing With the Stars" Recap

If you poke around the Internet this morning, you'll find an unbelievable number of Dancing With the Stars fans threatening to boycott the show until Kate Gosselin leaves. And yet ... she stays. For another week. Meaning that last night was Aiden Turner's, well, last night.

(Remember, folks: This is a democratic show. If you really don't want to see a certain blond hair-extentioned single mom stay for another week, then by all means, feel free to stop complaining about her and just not vote for her!)


All in all, it was an emotional night on DWTS: Turner was eliminated after ending up in the bottom two with Niecy Nash. He teared up when he found out he was going home, and later told E! Online:

"I was having a great time. I felt like I was just getting started, you know? ... I'm emotional because I care a lot and I'm really tired from dancing the last seven weeks, doing something I've never done before. Blood, sweat and tears, but I really enjoyed it. And I've got four dances under my belt."


Did you think it was time for Aiden to go home?

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