Kate Gosselin Whines (Even More), Jake Apologizes: Our DWTS Recap

The stakes were high this week on Dancing With the Stars for all of the celebs because of the double scores -- but particularly for Kate Gosselin, who whined that they all "had an advantage over her" (see video). How did they all fare? Let's see ...


Erin Andrews: Forget the death threats she received earlier this week, Erin Andrews is most paranoid about footwork. But she knows how to work the judges, dancing up on Len at the beginning of the tango performance. Did it work? Len gave praise but the other two didn't like it as much. They were just jealous.

Evan Lysacek: Dancing the tango to "Wait a Minute" by the Pussycat Dolls (well now isn't that just ironic), Bruno said Evan had "Strong, powerful with a hint of cat-like arrogance." Meow. All three judges loved it.

Niecy Nash: Oh Niecy, why are you always making me tear up, you were supposed to be the comedic relief this season. Last week, she waltzed for race equality, this week, she did the rumba for her deceased brother. Note to self: Always have a box of tissues handy when Niecy performs. The judges weren't fooled by her sentimental case though, and gave her a 36/60. Harsh, guys.

Aiden Turner: To "practice," Edyta stripped him half-naked on a cruise ship. I like her technique. Unfortunately, it didn't do much because their rumba to "Live Like You Were Dying" made us want to do precisely that. Die.

Nicole Sherzinger: Again, I thought she did sensational but the judges had some criticism for her rumba. Carrie Ann said she saw nerves. Get out of her head, Len!

Jake Pavelka: Jake admitted that the reason why he's been a brat all season is because he wasn't able to let his guard down and trust Chelsie. That line sounds awfully familiar ... oh yes, he used that excuse on his last reality show. Now that we got that out of the way, it's time for some tango. Three minutes, a thousand cheesy open-mouth grins, and two stumbles later, the judges gave them a 38/60.

Kate Gosselin: She complains that she "checks the news every morning to see how her day is going to go" ... Well, Kate, since it's Tuesday, the day after your DWTS performance, I'm guessing it'll probably be a bad day because nothing good is ever said about you on Tuesdays. And, according to her partner Tony Dovolani, tonight's results will determine whether if Jon wins or loses in the whole custody battle, "If you lose this week, he wins." So really, folks, we think we're voting for whether Kate should stay or go, but really it's whether she gets the kids -- choose wisely.

Chad Ochocinco: I kind of love this guy, he tries to be so smooth but comes off as just a big cornball. But he sure rocked that hip movement during his rumba, which was a nice treat for the eyes. And I wouldn't put it past him to force Cheryl to marry him after sliding that ginormous diamond ring on her left hand.

Pamela Anderson: Other than saying she was overdressed (Len, you dirty old man), the judges loved her rumba. And I hope all the men in the world were watching to hear that Pam needs a little intense romance right now. Because, I'm so sure Pamela Anderson has a hard time finding that.

So tell me fellow DWTS fans ... who was your favorite performance and who's going home?

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