"Glee!" Returns TV Watch List for 4/12-4/18

Photo from Fox
The big television news this week: GLEE! GLEE! GLEE! Also, GLEE! Of course, there's lots more to watch this week, so fire up the flat-screen and get the popcorn popped.


Monday 4/12 9 p.m. VH1
Tough Love: Couples
Did you watch Tough Love, a reality show that lets loose a tough-talking matchmaker on dreadful, douchebaggy women as he tries to ready them for relationships? If so, you won't want to miss this -- he and his mom go head-to-head with couples on the verge of breakup. It's like couples counseling-meets-professional wrestling with a little Jersey Shore thrown in. Three words: irresistible guilty pleasure.

Monday 4/12 9:30 p.m. CBS
The Big Bang Theory
Nerd alert! (As if the whole show wasn't a total nerd alert already!) Wil Wheaton from Star Trek guest-stars. Hey, you may not care, but trust me: The IT guy at your job is Freaking. Out. (Have I mentioned that I've had a crush on Johnny Galecki since he was David on Roseanne? No? Oh, good, I wouldn’t want that getting out.)

Tuesday 4/13 9:30 p.m. Fox
This week on Nova, we explore the edges of space … Naaah, I'm just kidding! It's the long-awaited return of this Broadway-meets-90210 musical mash-up, which brings Broadway to the small screen and -- please. If you need me to explain this show to you, you also need help crawling out from under a very large rock. LOVE YOU, PUCK!

Tuesday 4/13 11p.m. Bravo
9 By Design
Okay, I'm hooked. An married interior-design couple with seven kids (and one on the way) chronicle their insane life. Seriously, they're certifiable: I challenge you to watch the preview, where they desperately search for a rental apartment, without getting on a plane and strangling the husband. The wife is on the brink of going into labor as the show premieres. I say it's the new RHONY: annoying and addictive.

Question of the night: Who is Lady Antebellum, and why are they on both Leno and Letterman at the same time? Isn't that, like, illegal?

Wednesday 4/14 10 p.m. ABC
Ugly Betty
It's the last episode ever. So if you ever watched this show and wondered how Betty would turn out, you should tune in just for curiosity's sake.

Wednesday 4/14 10 p.m. Comedy Central
South Park
It's the 200th episode of this totally outrageous animated series. So you can pretty much guarantee they'll pull out all the stops and offend everyone. I'm in.

Thursday 4/15 9 p.m. NBC
SNL in the 2000s: Time and Again
Not just a collection of clips, but interviews with cast, writers and crew about the show since 2000, the events that shaped it … and D*ck in a Box.

Thursday 4/15 11 p.m. Comedy Central
The Daily Show
Tracy Morgan is a guest. He is nuts in the butts!

Friday 4/16 8pm, 8:30 p.m., 11 p.m.
Classic Movie Alert: All About Eve
Bette Davis stars in this campy drama about an ambitious young actress bent on destroying anyone who gets in the way of her dreams of fame. This is the movie where Bette declares, "Fasten your seat-belts -- it's gonna be a bumpy night!" Bracketed by half-hour mini-features about the movie, its stars, and why it's so darn great -- like getting to take a film history class in your living room!

Friday 4/16 9 p.m. NBC
Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution
Loving, loving, loving the adorable Oliver's campaign to get America eating healthy. This week, he confronts high-school kids, so get 'em in front of the TV to see how they feel about his tactics.

Saturday 4/17 8 p.m., 9 p.m. BBCA
Dr. Who
Dr. Who: The Ultimate Guide leads into the 9pm premiere of the newest incarnation of the time-and-space-travelling Doctor Who. Either you love it or you don't …

Saturday 4/17 11:30 p.m. NBC
Saturday Night Live
New episode hosted by Ryan Phillippe; Ke$sha is the musical guest.

Sunday 4/18 8 p.m. CBS
The 45th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards
Hosted by Reba McEntire. I don't know, maybe you want to know about it!

What are you watching this week?

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