Kate Gosselin's New Show: "Twist of Kate"

kate gosselin
Photo from Splash News
announced today that Kate Gosselin is going to star in yet another reality series -- this one called, Twist of Kate.

Hey, guess what, everyone? If we're not careful, this woman is going to be on TV every night, on every channel, during every time-slot. Is that really what you want?


Sure, she makes for great TV. But between Kate Plus 8 and (who could ever forget) Dancing With the Stars, haven't we seen enough of her, at least for a little while?

Twist of Kate will show the reality mom meeting other women who are inspired by her. Gosselin has said "she will do her best to help counsel others through difficult times in their lives." ::Dry heave::

The show is slated for 12 episodes, which will begin airing this summer.

Will you watch another show with Kate Gosselin? Better question: Can there ever be too much Kate Gosselin?

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