More "Glee" News: Neil Patrick Harris, Kristin Chenoweth Guest Star

Kristin Chenoweth on Glee
Photo from FOX
Okay, so I promised you more Glee scoop.

Here's the word on who'll be guest-starring on the rest of season one -- which returns with nine new episodes starting next Thursday, April 13, on Fox. 


I know what you want to know. So when can you see Jennifer Lopez as a singing-dancing cafeteria lady? Well, not any time soon. "J.Lo will not be on this season," says exec-producer Brad Falchuk, whom I chatted with during a conference call, about the mom of twins. You can catch J.Lo later this month in the big screen comedy The Back-Up Plan and she's still in talks to appear on the show next season.

But in the meantime, you can catch Broadway diva Idina Menzel -- Taye Digg's wife and the wicked witch in Wicked on the Great White Way -- as rival glee club advisor Shelby Corcoran. Plus, her old pal Krisitn Chenoweth -- who played the good witch in Wicked -- returns as drunken, washed-up glee clubber April Rhodes.

Sadly, the pair won't be appearing in the same episode. "It didn't work for the storytelling so it wasn't necessary," says Falchuk. "It's always story first. What's the story, what's the story, what's the story? And then we go from there. When you have people like Idina and Kristin who are such mega-talent stars, you have to get them the right thing. You want to really treat them right."

Also on tap -- Neil Patrick Harris! The producers created a character, a high school rival to glee club advisor -- and resident dreamboat -- Will Schuester (Matt Morrison) specifically for the How I Met Your Mother star, who's also done time on Broadway. "He'll be singing and dancing and being funny. All the things that make him great. When we were writing the character, we were like, 'Oh my God, what if Neil's too busy and can't do it?" says producer Falchuk. "We would have had to rewrite the whole episode."

And if you're worried about all your old faves, it'll be game on for them to -- especially cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch), who's planning to go after her glee club  nemesis with a vengance! Plus, Jane Lynch sings on the show for the first time -- despite all her protests -- in the super-fly all-Madonna episode. How'd they score that coup?

"It wasn't hard," says Falchuk. "We just gave her the script, and when she saw it and what she'd be doing, she was so excited." We are too! Can't wait till next Thursday.

Whom would you like to see guest star on Glee?

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