Kate Gosselin Survives, Reba McEntire Performs -- "Dancing With the Stars" Recap

Can someone please explain to me why Kate Gosselin is still on Dancing With the Stars? It's gotta be for the ratings, and I'd be angrier about the whole thing were it not for the fact that Reba McEntire performed! I love her! And, she successfully distracted me from my persistent hating-on-Kate, which is seriously getting a little out of control.


True, Buzz Aldrin did not have a good night, but my eyes are still burning from Kate's "Paparrazzi" perfomance two nights ago. The most ridiculous quote of the night? When she defended her dance saying, "My internal scores say 'Thumbs up!'"

I have a headache today from all the eye-rolling I've been doing since then.

What did you think of last night's DWTS?

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