Matt & Amy Roloff Divorce Rumors Return - Will They Succumb to the Reality TV Marriage Curse?

The Roloff Family
Photo from TLC
Little People, Big World
returned for another season this week and left us with the big, still unanswered question - Are Matt and Amy Roloff headed towards divorce like so many other reality couples before them?

Last season ended on a somber note with Matt and Amy both reflecting on the distance that had grown between them and the empty house that loomed in their future as the kids grow up and head to college. This week's episodes gave us few hints about how their relationship is doing now. The first two episodes focused exclusively on the twin boys' backpacking adventure in Europe.

The previews for the rest of the season indicate more marital tension, but you never can trust the editing on those clips - they always tend to make a big deal out of small moments. We'll have to wait and see what's in store for the Roloffs. For now, let's look back at the fate of five other couples who succumbed to the reality TV marriage curse...



Jon & Kate Gosselin - Unlike others on our list, Jon & Kate weren't famous before they went on TV and their newfound fame and fortune proved too much for them to handle. Neither has shied away from the reality TV spotlight though - Kate's currently competing on Dancing With the Stars and Jon is shopping around a show with Lindsay Lohan's dad.

Spencer & Heidi Pratt - The trailer for the new (and final) season of The Hills hints that there may be trouble brewing for these two publicity hounds. But, you never can tell with them - their first marraige was a made for TV stunt, so their divorce could be too. Either way, I'll be tuning in and hoping for a Spencer & Heidi divorce.

Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson - Nick, Jessica - What happened? You were so cute together on The Newlyweds. But, alas, Jessica's meddling dad and their career rivalries seem to have gotten in the way of a good thing. These two were trend setters - starting the reality tv marriage curse and setting a precedent for those who dared to follow in their footsteps.

Hulk & Linda Hogan - Hulk and Linda's marriage was a side story on Hogan Knows Best, taking a backseat to anything having to do with the promotion of daughter Brooke's singing career. Alas, the family's dirty laundry slowly started to come to light - a high speed accident involving alcohol, allegations of cheating, and finally a divorce and cancellation notice for the show.

Jesse James and Sandra Bullock - Jesse James showed us that the reality tv curse can strike even if there's only one partner partaking in the fun. James appeared on Celebrity Apprentice last year and acted very coyly whenever The Donald asked him why he wasn't calling wife Sandy to get her to help with his fundraising efforts. Hmmm, perhaps we should have known there was trouble brewing for the couple...

  Do you think the reality tv marriage curse is for real? Will you be surprised if Matt & Amy divorce?

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