Niecy Nash's Tearful Performance

In last night's emotional episode of Dancing With the Stars, Niecy Nash broke down, telling dance partner Louis van Amstel, "I can't imagine how it would feel to not be able to be with someone that you love ... I love my boyfriend so much and if I could not be with him because a law said that or society said that, I would be devastated."


The two used their waltz to tell the story of a romance between a cross-racial couple in the 1960s -- comparing it to gay couples today who have to deal with similar prejudice and discrimination. Amstel, in an interview after their performance, took the opportunity to say that the dance was a good way to show "how far we've come" but that this (illegality of gay marriage) is a battle he still has to fight.

Who knew such a short dance could be so very political?

What did you think of Nash's and Amstel's emotional performance last night? Think they have a chance at winning?

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