"The Tudors" Return! TV Watch List for 4/5-4/12

The Tudors
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Not such an exciting week on TV! But I dug up some fun stuff for you guys anyway. With the NCAA finally ending, April showers bring May sweeps … hang in there! (And who has Showtime? Can I come over to watch The Tudors?)

Monday 4/5 8 p.m.
Dancing with the Stars
As you saw in last week's recap, Shannon Doherty is out, Kate Gosselin is in. You know what? Maybe it's time to tune in. Joan Rivers had this funny quip, and if the suspense is too much, the next epsiode is only a day away.


Monday 4/5 10 p.m.
Count me as one of the many fans of Nathan Fillion. Between cult classic Firefly, other cult classic Dr. Horrible, and his Tweets, he's incessantly charming, dammit. This equally charming series, about a novelist who shadows an NYPD detective to keep his fiction fresh, has just been renewed, and last week concluded a pretty exciting two-parter (viewable on le web, natch). I'd say it's time to tune in.

Tuesday 4/6 8 p.m. VH1CL
Big, whistling tumbleweeds. I guess it's post-NCAA fatigue. So check out my Classic Movie of the Week: Woodstock (1970), a documentary chronicling the three-day hippie-fest. My favorite part: Arlo Guthrie "rappin' with the fuzz – can you dig it?" You and the kids will get a great giggle out of Grandma and Grandpa's shenanigans.

Wednesday 4/7 8:30 p.m. CBS
Accidentally On Purpose
This sitcom follows the pregnancy of a woman who got knocked up with a fling -- and decides to try to make it work, Knocked Up-style. So the whole first season is building up to a birth -- time to tune in, no? This week, Billie (Jenna Elfman) hires her baby nurse. But really, the neat thing here, is here's Dharma…

Wednesday 4/7 9 p.m. CBS
Criminal Minds
… and look, it's Greg! But not in a sitcom by a long-shot! This drama about FBI profilers stars Oscar winner Forest Whitaker this week. (Oscar winner? For what? Go on, guess before you click. I got it wrong.)

Thursday 4/8 8 p.m. FOX
Fun cast, snappy dialogue, and romantically entwined lead characters: What else do you want? Back with a bang last week, this 100th episode has Booth and Brennan (Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz) on the therapist's couch and flashing back to their first meeting. Soooo tasty.

(Side note: Every year, when this particular date rolls around, I spend the day singing "April 8, April 8" to the tune of Genesis' "Paperlate." Now you will, too.)

Saturday 4/10 8 p.m. NBC
Just so you know: If you miss an episode of this awesome-pawsome series, and my recap isn't enough for you, and you don't want to watch it online, this is when it repeats. You're welcome. (Shooting star; "The more you know ...")

Saturday 4/10 12 midnight FOX
The Wanda Sykes Show
I just happen to really like Wanda Sykes. There's no SNL this week, so if you're up, check it out. You'll get Wanda's irreverent commentary on the week's events, plus sketches and panel discussions. Why not?

Sunday 4/11 9 p.m. SHO
The Tudors
It's back! The premiere of the final season of this sexy retro tale of dirty, dirty Henry VIII (nice codpiece, dude!), played by smoldery Jonathan Rhys Meyers. My friends' Facebook updates are already abuzz. So are my pants! Booyah!

What are you watching this week?

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