Katherine Heigl Leaves "Grey's Anatomy" (for Real This Time!)

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty
Yesterday we looked at on-again, off-again celebrity couples ... frankly, that's how I feel about Katherine Heigl and Grey's Anatomy: She's supposedly off it ... oops, nope, wait, she's back on it ... oh, but there she is on it again -- what's the deal?

Well, Grey's fans, the Izzie Stevens roller coaster ride is over: In this week's issue of Entertainment Weekly, Heigl confirms that she is leaving the show for good.


According to EW, the "amicable" split was due to Heigl wanting to spend more time with her new family (she adopted a daughter, Naleigh) and NOT (as the rumor goes) on her film career. (Hmmm ... not sure if I'm gullible enough to fall for this excuse: Hasn't Heigl been complaining about Grey's and her contract since the beginning of time?)

I haven't watched Grey's since it started getting really crappy (about two years ago). Therefore, as a "pro-Heigl, anti-Grey's fan," her departure is good news for me: Hopefully, now she'll have more time for other projects that aren't so ridiculous and McCheesy. Plus, I'm excited for her: She seems really happy with the decision.

Grey's fans, will you miss Izzie Stevens?

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