Kate Gosselin's Dancing With The Stars Performance

We all know Kate Gosselin has eight kids. And now, after watching her Viennese Waltz on Dancing with The Stars, we know she also has two left feet. Here's the video of her performance in case you missed it:



Here are thoughts on some of the other standout performances:

While watching Pamela Anderson shake her, er, assets, I felt like I was watching a naughty movie. And it was hot. The 42-year-old is gonna give the rest of the young-ins quite a run.

Nicole Sherzinger was my initial choice for winning it all. After watching her performance last night, I'm pretty confident in my pick.

Buzz Aldrin looked like a cute little grandpa trying to dance at his 50th wedding anniversary. Even though he received the lowest score (14 points), I hope he stays on for another round. He's just so darn adorable.

Aiden Turner was a hot mess. Literally. The guy is smokin'. But I'll be surprised if he makes it to the next round. Sad. I would love to see more of this cutie, even if his dancing is horrendous.

Here's how the celebs racked up on the points:

  • Nicole Sherzinger: 25
  • Evan Lysacek: 23
  • Pamela Anderson: 21
  • Erin Andrews: 21
  • Jake Pavelka: 20
  • Niecy Nash: 18
  • Shannen Doherty: 18
  • Kate Gosselin: 16
  • Aiden Turner: 15
  • Buzz Aldrin: 14

Which act was your favorite of the night?


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