TV Watch List for 3/15-3/21


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Well, if you've got a dog or two in the NCAA March Madness fight, your TV watching for the week is pretty much mapped out. But if you're like me and can only take so much college basketball, here are some highlights for this week's boob-tubing. Some shows overlap; we figure you'll pick one over the other, or fire up your DVR.





TransForm Me

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Monday 3/15 10:30pm VH1
TransForm Me
Three ladies who used to be men -- well, sorta -- travel the country giving style advice to fashion disasters! Sounds like so much fun, we have to watch. After all, who better to give style advice to women than women who've really re-invented themselves? The host, Laverne, was a contestant on "I Want to Work for Diddy," and now she's spun off her own show.



Lauren Graham courtesty of NBC

Tuesday 3/16 10pm NBC 

This show is still brand-new, but it seems to be catching on. The sprawling story of grown siblings negotiating the territory between being parents and still feeling like kids strikes a chord with a lot of moms. With a winning cast (Lauren Graham from Gilmore Girls! Sexy Peter Krause from Six Feet Under) and real-feeling subject matter (kids dealing with learning disabilities, moms making big choices and hoping they're right), this seems like a win for moms like us to watch. This week, Julia frets that she's not involved enough with her daughter's life, Asperger's kid Max gets kicked out of school, and hipster brother Crosby tries to connect with his (surprise!) son.


Margulies, Chris Noth

Courtesy of CBS

Tuesday 3/16 10pm CBS
The Good Wife
Juliana Margulies (ER) as a fictional version of Elizabeth Edwards – the ex-wife of a politician who spectacularly flames out in a sex scandal, then goes back to work as a defense lawyer. The strong single-mom subject matter resonates with us, but is that enough to keep us watching a lawyer show? This week, Alicia (Margulies) goes up against an insurance company hoping to skip out on urgent in-utero surgery. Yikes!

Wednesday  3/17 10pm E!

Kendra courtesy of E!

E! True Hollywood Story: Kendra
Remember Kendra Wilkinson Baskett from Girls Next Door, the reality show about Hugh Hefner and his four girlfriends? She was the youngest and the one with the hardest edge – now she's out of the Grotto and married with a brand-new baby. This bio might be just the way to coast into her new reality show, which premiered last Sunday and repeats Friday, 3/19 at 9:30 (also on E!); catch the newest episode Sunday, 3/21 at 10pm on E!.

Courtesy of BBCA

Friday 3/19 8pm BBCA
My Fake Baby
Weird alert: there are grown women who collect extremely lifelike baby dolls (some of them are even specifically preemies) and care for them as if they were real. Prepare to be super, super creeped out by this documentary; we barely made it through the preview video, in which a woman unwraps her fake bubble-wrapped baby. Eyuw.

Friday 3/19 9pm NBC

Courtesy of NBC

Who Do You Think You Are?
They're only doing seven episodes of this sorta-reality, sorta-documentary in which celebrities trace their family trees and see what really made them who they are. If you're a genealogy geek, wondering how much your weird Aunt Selma might have to do with your kids' even weirder habits, this could be just the show for you. This week, executive producer Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe from "Friends") puts her family tree on display.

Courtesy of VH1

Friday 3/19 9pm E!
Keeping Up with the Kardashians
Just in case you missed it the first time, catch a repeat of the birth of Kourt's baby, Mason. A guilty pleasure, we admit it!


Sunday 3/21 10pm AETV

Courtesy of A&E

Kirstey Alley's Big Life
Back-to-back episodes kick off the new reality series following Kirstie Alley through life as a single mom: trying to lose weight (as usual), producing a movie, caring for her animals, and looking for Mr. Right. Can we take more Kirstie? This is the week we find out. (Catch her on Letterman on Tuesday night if you're really excited.)

Classic Movie of the Week: Can-Can
Shirley Maclaine and Frank Sinatra star in this 1960 musical about a dance-hall owner daring to show the naughty new dance in 1890's Montmarte, France. This is a kind of insane production, full of saturated color and downright silly dance numbers, but it's soooo much fun. Catch it Friday, 3/19 on the Fox Movie Channel (FMC), where it's shown with twenty minute interviews with Maclaine herself before and after the movie, starting at 8 and ending at 11pm.

What are you watching this week?



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