Woman Shows How To Wear a Face Mask Correctly for Those Who Don't Get It -- By Using a Bra

Denise Mejia/TikTok

Denise Mejia demonstrates how to wear a face mask
Denise Mejia/TikTok

Even though face masks have been strongly recommended by health experts for months, there still seems to be a heated debate over whether they're necessary. And, even more eye-opening than that, there remains some confusion around how to wear them properly. (I'm looking at you, people who cover their mouths but forget to cover their noses.) Luckily, a woman in Arkansas has taken to TikTok to help guide the befuddled face mask-wearers of the world. In a hilarious video that's quickly going viral, Denise Mejia demonstrates once and for all how to wear a face mask -- by using a bra for comparison's sake.

  • "Wear a mask ladies," the caption urges before Mejia demonstrates a few "simple steps" for doing so.

    In the short clip, she doesn't speak but begins by putting a bright blue sports bra on over her shirt. When she's done, she makes a gesture implying that it's been put on properly, now that both of her boobs are successfully covered.

    Then, the clip cuts to another shot of Mejia putting on a face mask, which covers her entire mouth and nose. She then gestures to both garments, as if to say, "This is how it's done."

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  • Moments later, she proceeds to show all the various ways that it's NOT done ...

    Take wearing a face mask under your chin in public, for example. Would you wear your bra under your boobs before heading out to the grocery store?


  • Or how about greeting a neighbor with your face mask dangling from one ear and exposing your entire face?

    When Mejia shows how utterly ridiculous it would be if you did the same thing with your bra -- letting one of your boobs hang out for the world to see -- it suddenly becomes glaringly obvious how wrong that is.

    And if you've ever pushed the mask up onto your forehead (honestly, I didn't even know this was a thing), well ... Mejia once again shows how ineffective that is, too.

  • Last, but certainly not least, Mejia demonstrates one all-too-common face mask mistake: failing to cover your nose.

    Would you pull your bra down to expose your nipples and still consider yourself covered? I'm willing to bet no.

    See? The rules are pretty simple -- and yet, they still bear repeating, even some four months into the pandemic.

  • In the comments, a lot of people actually found the whole thing pretty informative.

    "This is amazing!" wrote one person, and another called it a "great reference." Others praised it for being "brilliant" and "creative."

    However, the majority of people found it to be both hilarious and sad that a video like this would even need to be made in 2020.

  • Mejia isn't the only person on the internet to make the whole underwear/face mask comparison.

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    Another meme that's gone viral recently imagines what it would be like if we all just decided to let our privates hang out of our underwear one day while walking around outside. It doesn't just look silly -- it also doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

  • Researchers believe that face masks have already prevented thousands of cases of COVID-19 from spreading.

    One study, which was published in the medical journal Health Affairs, estimated that face masks helped block the spread of 230,000 to 450,000 COVID-19 cases in states that required face masks between April 8 and May 15. In fact, the longer the face mask mandates were in place, the higher the reduction in Covid-19 cases.

    Another study by UC Davis noted that wearing a mask reduces the chance of the wearer catching the coronavirus by 65%.

    Now that we're in our fourth month of the pandemic, we're clearly seeing the results of this. In states like New York and New Jersey, where face mask rules have been strongly enforced for months, cases have been steadily declining. However, in many states where social distancing and mask-wearing were not as strongly enforced, like Texas and Florida, virus cases are now surging.

    The message here? Face masks are a huge key in preventing the illness from getting worse. But knowing how to properly wear them -- and respectfully doing so in public -- makes all the difference.