Missing Wife Is Found Dead at Neighbor's House After Husband Says He Was Kidnapped & Robbed

Amber Gaddis
First Coast News

Police are looking for answers about a 30-year-old mother of four from Jacksonville, Florida, who was found dead after an alleged home invasion over the weekend. According to Daniel Gaddis, he was kidnapped by three unidentified men and taken from his home. It was only after he was released by his captors that he returned to  home and found his wife Amber Gaddis dead at their neighbor's house.

  • Police have been working to find out what happened in the early morning hours of June 20.

    News4Jax reports the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office received at about a call on Saturday from Daniel, who claimed he'd been kidnapped, robbed by three men traveling in a dark colored vehicle, and then returned to the area where he lives. Adding that when he was finally released at about 12:30 a.m., he come home to find that his wife of four years was missing.

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  • When police arrived at the couple's home, they began a search for Amber.

    Ultimately, they followed a trail of blood across the street to a neighbor's house, where they believe Amber ran to get help. Her body was found inside the neighbor's home.

    While it's not clear how Amber was killed, The Daily Mail reports that Amber died from unspecified injuries and neighbors reported that they could hear three gunshots on the night of the incident.

  • Daniel told police that he first left the house willingly with the men because they were acquaintances.

    Retracing his steps, he said he was then taken to an apartment complex where he was robbed and that he believes these men went back to his home while he was stranded and attempted to rob his wife.

    "She opened the door because it was someone she knew, and then they tried to rob her and I wasn't there," he explained to First Coast News.

  • The couple's roommate, Albert Ives, was with Amber when Daniel left. 

    Speaking with News4Jax, he told them they were hanging out when he decided to run to the store. When he came back, he immediately knew something was off. Their TV was in the middle of the road and their door was wide open.

    "Amber's not here. She's not here. We got to find her," he remembered thinking.

    Daniel also told police that when he was eventually returned home by his kidnappers he also saw their television was left in the street.

    "When I came back all I noticed was my flat screen TV was in the road. I came back to the house and I couldn't find my wife. I went inside and couldn't find my wife. I told police I can't find my wife. I think she was kidnapped," he told First Coast News.

  • Police took Daniel, Albert, and other friends and family members in for questioning.

    The dad told First Coast News that his main priority is consoling the six children he cared for with Amber and that he believes this whole thing was deliberate.

    "I wasn't kidnapped, it was planned," he said. "It was like a setup. They planned it out, came to the house. Their intention was to rob us."

    And added that he's hoping police will find the men who did this. 

    "I'm waiting on justice to happen," he continued.

    "[Amber] was perfect, man. She was a great person with a big heart, she loved everyone and cared about everyone," he said. "I loved Amber with all my heart. She was like the air in my lungs."

    Police are asking anyone with information to call the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office at 904-630-0500 or Crime Stoppers at 866-845-TIPS.