Family Dog Mauls Newborn Boy to Death at Home

6-week-old mauled to death

Investigators are still looking for answers after a 6-week-old boy was mauled to death by his family's pet dog. The incident happened Thursday near Sioux Falls, South Dakota, but it's still unclear what proceeded the fatal attack.

  • The Belgian Malinois dog attacked the boy the afternoon of June 11 at his home in Hartford, about 15 miles from Sioux Falls.

    When officers with the Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene, they found the unnamed baby boy had several bite wounds, according to ABC News.

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  • The baby was flown via helicopter to the hospital.

    Sheriff's Police Sgt. Zachary Cegelske spoke with KELO and told the station that after the boy arrived at the hospital "he later died from the injuries."

  • Police still are investigating what happened and provoked the attack.

    But the incident is clearly upsetting to officers on the case. "It’s a very sad situation," Cegelske said. "It’s a very tragic loss for the family and friends."

  • Animal control has not been reported to be a part of the investigation.

    "Any animal can bite. Most dogs and cats bite out of fear," Sioux Falls Animal Control Lead Officer Milo Hartson explained to KELO. "They're just scared of their environment, what's happening. Nobody knows when an animal will bite. It's just one of those things -- you always have to be careful."

  • The dog has been taken into custody by the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society.

    Police still have not reported what prompted the dog to attack the infant, but Sioux Falls Animal Control center warns parents that it often sees an uptick in animal attacks during the July 4 holiay.

    They are urging parents to keep their dogs in kennels or in a separate room during July 4 and the days surrounding it, especially if people unfamiliar to the dog are visiting.