Mom of 9 Who Is Accused of Killing Toddler Found in Dumpster Lost Custody of Her 6 Oldest Years Ago

Frankie Gonzalez
Frankie Gonzalez

Thirty-five-year-old Laura Sanchez was taken into custody June 2 by police in Waco, Texas, after her 2-year-old son's dead body was found in a church dumpster that day. The mom of nine originally reported that her son Frankie Gonzalez was missing, but when police investigated her claims they found that this simply wasn't true.

  • Sanchez called 911 at 1:53 p.m. June 1.

    A press release from the Waco Police Department stated that the mom originally told authorities her son disappeared from a bathroom at Cameron Park. Police immediately began to search the area, but after hours of searching "the tough decision was made to suspend the search for Frankie about 9:00 p.m. last night," the press release noted.

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  • Police resumed their search for the boy about 8 a.m. the next day.

    At that time, police performed an extensive search for Frankie. "Waco PD detectives spent hours conducting interviews and following every lead they could," the press release continued. Eventually, authorities received information that was "paramount" to the investigation.

    According to People, Officer Garen Bynum said during a June 2 press conference that Sanchez confessed to family members that "She was in custody of the child when Frankie died."

    Bynum added that "Frankie did not die of natural causes."

  • It was her family who turned in the mom to police.

    Sanchez herself lead police to the dumpster where she stashed her son's body days May 30, Fox News reported.

    "The information found throughout the investigation confirmed that Frankie was never taken to Cameron Park, and the missing child report that was initially called in was a diversion to Frankie's actual whereabouts," the police press release noted.

  • The mom confessed that Frankie died May 28 while in her care.

    Waco police have yet to release the cause of Frankie's death, but authorities arrested Sanchez on June 2 on charges of first-degree felony injury to a child.

    She was taken to McLennan County Jail, and her bond has been set at $500,000, according to People.

  • There might be more charges in the future depending on the results of the autopsy.

    Sanchez has a history of drug and alcohol addiction, and in 2015 she lost parental rights to her six older children over allegations of neglect, Fox News reported.

    Authorities confirmed that two of Sanchez's other children, 3 years old and 4 months old, were placed in foster care after her arrest. Texas Department of Family and Protective Services workers filed petitions on June 3 to terminate Sanchez's parental rights for them as well.

    Sanchez's oldest son, Michael Occasion, spoke with KWTX and said he had a feeling that something terrible had happened to his brother after rushing to the park when he heard he'd gone missing.

    "When I got to the park ... I went up to her and I asked 'where is Frankie at?'" he recalled.

    "And she said she didn't know. And I said 'what do you mean you don't know?' But she didn't even want to look in my eyes so I knew Frankie wasn't there."

    "He meant the world to me," he continued. "Ain't no two year old deserve this. I feel lost without him."

    Frankie was laid to rest Tuesday in a private ceremony. "Frankie's family requested that his services be private," his obituary stated. "The family expresses their gratitude for the support received by the community."