Mom Accidentally Backs Up Over 1-Year-Old Who Wandered Out of House, Killing Her in Driveway

Aurora Ellis

Two parents are mourning the death of their toddler after she died in what they described as a horrible accident. Nineteen-month-old Aurora Ellis is thought to have wandered out of her family home in Bayswater in Perth, Australia, on Sunday and ended up in the driveway at the exact moment her mother, Lara Ellis, unknowingly pulled out of the driveway in her car. The incident proved to be fatal, and now a family friend is speaking out on the "broken" parents' behalf.

  • Neighbors later claimed that they could hear screams coming from the Ellis house at about 5 p.m. on June 6.

    Local media outlet 9News reports that the mom reversed from her house with no idea that her daughter was behind her. Their neighbors then heard piercing screams coming from Lara and her husband, Preston, as their young daughter died at the scene.

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  • A family friend of the Ellises, Matt Rann, spoke after Aurora's death and shared that it's left "her little family broken."

    Speaking with Perth Now, Rann said Aurora's father used to describe her as "the little sun that shines so bright."

    "She was known as Dad's little tradie assistant, he referred to her as, with her name meaning 'goddess of the dawn,' he referred to her as his little star, or his little sun, that shines so bright," he told the outlet.

  • Rann added that the parents have been facing many "sleepless nights, finding it hard to breathe."

    Their daughter's death has left them "feeling absolutely numb," he added.

    In an effort to help his heartbroken friends, Rann and his wife, Michelle, have started a GoFundMe page which so far has raised almost $35,000 towards Aurora's funeral and the Ellises living expenses.

    "Preston and Lara are the most genuine, giving and caring people around and now it's our turn to help them in the most generous way we can," he wrote on the crowdfunding page.

  • Rann wrote that he hopes the money they raise will give the Ellises "time to mourn and surround each other in love."

    "We are hoping to raise enough money to help them celebrate Aurora's life and help pay the bills so they can grieve together, for as long as is needed," he added.

  • Rann also told Perth Now that the couple hopes that by sharing their story they can spare other parents from the pain they're going through.

    Rann said that Preston feels that "if he can raise awareness for it and save, in his words 'another little person's life,' then it's job well done.'"

    "Any way that he can do that once he's back to some sort of normality, whether or not that actually comes," Rann added. "But that's his intention to make sure this doesn't happen again."

    To date, no charges have been pressed and police have said there are no suspicious circumstances surrounding Aurora's death.