Man Proposes With His Ex's Old Ring & Excited Bride Has No Idea Until He Let It Slip


Couple shows off engagement ring

When it comes to popping the question, some might say there's no "right" or "wrong" way to do it. The moment is uniquely special, and whether you're proposing with friends and family around or in the privacy of your own home, it's bound to be unforgettable. However, there are a few cardinal rules you probably don't want to break, such as not proposing to your girlfriend with the same ring you gave your ex. And yet, that's exactly the faux pas one man on Reddit recently committed -- and you better believe he is getting DRAGGED for it.

  • In his Reddit post, the man admitted that he bought the ring a few years ago for his then-girlfriend.

    The pair had been pretty serious. So serious, that the man eventually felt it was time to propose. 

    So, he went ring shopping.

    "The ring had one big diamond in the middle and then two smaller diamonds on the side," he described in the post. "Cost me an arm and a leg, but it was the only ring that caught my eye so I bought it."

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  • At the time, the ring wasn't exactly a secret, but he never actually got to the proposal part.

    "My then-girlfriend knew about the ring because of the fitting, but she never wore the completed version of it nor did I end up proposing to her," he wrote, explaining that the relationship ultimately ended. 

    Although most people might immediately head back to the store and get their money back, apparently, that's not what this guy did.

    "I kept the ring because it's still a nice ring," he explained matter-of-factly.

  • Then, about three years ago, he met someone new.

    Once again, the relationship grew serious, and this time, the man felt confident enough to pop the question last year. 

    She said yes.

  • But instead of buying a whole new ring, or even reconfiguring the one he had, the man proposed with the exact. same. ring.


    That said, his new fiancée had no idea about the history of the ring, and loved it so much, she even began bragging about it to her friends. It was a total hit -- until she learned the full story.

  • One night, while the couple stayed up late watching movies, the truth came spilling out.

    "I don't know if anyone has watched Leap Year here ... but we got to the end where Declan proposed and my fiancée couldn't stop analyzing the way he did it, comparing him to me," the poster began.

    That soon led into a conversation about his proposal, and suddenly, they were talking about the ring. 

    And that's when he said it ... 

  • "She thanked me and said something about how beautiful it was and I accidentally said something like, 'I'm just glad I didn't sell it 5 years ago.'"

    Ohhh noooo. 

    Naturally, the woman had questions.

    "She questioned me about what I meant by five years and sell so I told her the truth," he admitted. 

  • Let's just say ... the truth did not go over well. In fact, it's led to some major D-R-A-M-A.

    "She went all mad and told me that I was a cheap a--hole trying to give her a hand-me-down ring," he recalled. "She took it off, opened the window, tossed it out and locked herself in our bedroom."

    OH SNAP.

    "I'm still outside now, hours later, trying to look for the bloody ring/giving her space," he continued. "I don't even know what I'm going to do when I find it. Do I give it back or do I keep it for the next girl? (Just kidding! It's a joke)."

    Duuuude ...

  • Now, he's wondering whether he was really in the wrong.

    "I sort of understand where she's coming from, but really?" he asked. "It's still a nice ring and I spent months trying to think of a special [message] to engrave on it just for her. Besides, an engagement ring is only temporary so I don't understand the big fuss."

  • Right away, Reddit let him know: Yep -- he was definitely wrong about this one.

    "No-brainer, of course it's sh---y to give someone a ring that was meant someone else ... " one person wrote.

    "You are basically saying that you put no thought into the ring for her," another person explained.

  • A lot of people commented that they'd flip if this happened to them.

    "I would be so hurt if my fiance told me that he gave me a ring that he bought for someone else," one person wrote. "That can be seen as your current fiancee being the consolation prize in your life. The fact is, that ring was not purchased for your fiancee, and now she will always remember that. This is one of those things that you just should have never shared."

    "OP didn’t consider his fiancée’s wants/personality in the proposal at all, it was a matter of convenience," another person shared. "I’d be p---ed too to know that such a special, intimate event was planned for someone else and I got the recycled version that’s been sitting in a drawer for five years. It’s not just about a second hand ring, it was lazy and impersonal. I also wouldn’t want to wear a symbol of my partner's previous failed relationship, like wtf."

  • Still, people admitted that the woman probably shouldn't have tossed the ring out the window.

    "As a woman, I can absolutely see why that would upset her," one person wrote. "She feels like you didn't put any effort towards choosing a ring specifically for HER. That kind of thing is a big deal to most women. That being said, her reaction was way out of proportion IMO."

    Others were more blunt about it.

    "Who tf throws thousands of dollars out the [expletive] window?" one person asked.

    "Seriously he is not the only AH here!" another added. "I wouldn't want a ring not intended for me, even with a custom inscription. He could have traded it in to the jeweler and gotten a decent price on a different ring. But she also MAJORLY sucks for chucking it out a window. Everyone else in the thread ignoring that tidbit and saying he's TA is missing a major plot point here."

    "I agree, that’s very telling if that’s her reaction to it," someone else wrote. "I understand being mad, I’d be p---ed too. However there’s better ways to deal with things than acting like a child throwing a tantrum."

  • Ultimately, people agreed that if he wants to salvage things, he's going to have to buy a new ring.

    "An engagement ring is not temporary," one person told him. "It will be on her finger for life. I think you're going to have to bite the bullet, sell that ring and let her choose a new one.

    "No woman wants to wear an engagement ring her partner chose for another woman," the person continued. "It's not the same as if it was an old ring from a family member. It's not the same at all. You just should not have told her. You brought this drama on yourself."

    Others hinted that maybe this relationship wasn't meant to be either.

    "A proposal is supposed to make someone feel special," one person wrote. "Imagine being told that the ring you're wearing was really for someone else that you loved and wanted to marry? If I were her I'd break it off and find a guy who actually wanted to be with her."