Mom Is Livid After MIL Buys Grandkid a 'Birthday Gift' -- That's Actually for Herself


Grandma plays with grandchild

Grandparents are always showering their grandkids with gifts they don't need. It kind of comes with the job description. But one mom on Reddit was kind of floored when her mother-in-law recently bought her toddler a new car seat, even after she was informed that they already had one. But if you thought that was a bit odd, that's not even the real kicker ... 

  • According to the mom's anonymous post, she was pretty clear when her mother-in-law originally mentioned getting her child a new car seat.

    "I told her we already had one, so no need," the mom explained.

    Apparently, she wasn't clear enough. 

    "Well, day of birthday comes around ... and guess what she bought? A carseat, of course," the mom wrote, adding that she accepted the gift "awkwardly."

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  • Now, you might assume the grandma just forgot. But it soon became clear this wasn't a case of a memory lapse.

    "When it was time for her to go, without even saying anything [be]forehand she grabs the carseat and takes it with her," the mom recalled. "Saying she will use it for her car for when she picks our son up. Which is .... almost never? Maybe a 2 or 3 times a year?"

  • To say the mom was confused would be ... well, an understatement.

    In the end, there was only one logical conclusion she could draw.

    "I guess she bought herself a gift," the Reddit poster said. "Not sure for what but I suspect to brag around her friend group as she keeps telling everybody that her grandchild is alwayyyyyys with her, which is not true."

    Well, yikes. If true, that sure is devious.

  • In the comments, a lot of people jumped in to say this whole scenario sounded pretty familiar.

    In fact, many admitted that their own mothers-in-law were guilty of similar schemes.

    "My MIL just bought me some earrings and when I said I couldn't wear them as I'm allergic she said she was going to give them to her friend instead, with no offer to give me another birthday gift," one person wrote.

    "Why do they do this!" another person added. "My MIL always do this, at all my kids' birthdays she asked what gift she should buy. I tell her the name, description, and send her pictures of the things they like/want. She usually buys a bunch of other things that my kids don't like much and a little thing that they do like, and always take that little gift for them to play at HER house. So then they ask for their gift and they get sad and want to play there. It p---es me off every time!"

  • By the sound of things, there appear to be a LOT of people out there who really earn the title of the pushy mother-in-law.

    "Has anyone else’s MIL thrown themselves an enormous baby shower when you were expecting the baby?" one person asked. "Mine did. She filled an entire baby book with the photos. She scrapbooked it personally."

    Um, wow.

    Apparently, this mom was not alone, because others chimed in to say that yep, their MIL did the same thing.

    "Yes mine did as well," one person wrote. "It was a surprise party, with only her friends ... I literally only knew one of their friends."

  • Several others noted that this was a "red flag" the mom should not ignore.

    "Make sure she is not on the list of people allowed to pick your child up from daycare/preschool/school," one person wrote.

    "This would be reason 1 why MIL would NEVER pick the child up!" another added.

    Others couldn't get over how "showy" the whole thing was. 

    "It's so ppl see the empty seat in her car wherever she's out and think, 'Oh, what a good Grandma to be helping the family like that how wonderful, they have such a great relationship."

    Whatever the real reason is, it's definitely odd, any way you slice it. Here's hoping the grandma doesn't pull any more fast ones like this one in the future. (Though chances are, she probably will.)