Excited Grandpa Uses Senior Shopping Hours To Find Baby Supplies for Pregnant Granddaughter


Baby clothes and supplies

Life as we know it has been upended, bringing fear, stress, and anxiety to millions. But despite the many hardships we're under right now, there are also countless stories of kindness, hope, and love that have emerged. One small story that is warming hearts on Reddit belongs to an anonymous woman due to give birth in less than two months. With stores closed and items backordered online, prepping for her new baby has been stressful, to say the least. That is, until her grandpa saved the day.

  • In a recent post, the mom-to-be shared that she was recently "venting" to her grandma about not having any baby supplies.

    Before the virus hit, she likely thought she had plenty of time to get what she needed. But now, the mere act of shopping has proved risky. And even if it weren't, everyday essentials are in high demand.

    "All the stores in my area have been completely sold out and on back order online," she wrote. "And we are no longer having a baby shower to receive most of the stuff we need."

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  • But about two weeks ago, she got a call from her G-pa.

    "My grandpa called me super excited today to tell me he has been going out on the senior shopping hour days to grab me some supplies," she shared.  

    Too cute!

  • And that's not all ... 

    "He has been talking to the other moms at the store about which brand is best to buy me," she added. "It was so sweet how excited he was to tell me."

    OMG -- her grandpa is adorable!

  • People on Reddit couldn't get enough of this sweet little grandpa.

    "You’re naming your baby after him, right?" one person asked. "In all seriousness, that is so sweet!! He sounds like a real gem."

    "I mean ... I kinda want to name MY baby after him," another user chimed in.

    To that, the Reddit mama jumped in and clarified that although she's having a girl, her grandpa actually has already been honored by her brother, who named his son after him.

  • That's also when she revealed her grandpa's real name -- Marvin -- which ... sounds totally fitting.

    Grandpa MARVIN -- how cute is that?

    Some users suggested that she tweak her grandpa's name to be feminine, suggesting names like Marvine, Marla, or Mara.

    At one point, it seemed like the Reddit mama may have been considering that -- even if only in jest.

    "Marvina is beautiful lol," she wrote later in the thread.

  • As simple as the story is, a lot of people were really touched by it, which got them seriously in their feelings.

    Granted, many of us are going through a whole host of emotions now that we've been quarantined for weeks and are unsure of when all of this will end.

    "I am 40+2 ... emotions are outta wack and I am seriously going to cry after reading this," one person wrote. "You give him a big hug from me whenever you can!!!!! What an absolute sweetheart."

    "I am 50 months postpartum. Still cried," another user added. "Reminds me of my grandpa. Such a sweetheart!"

  • Still, it's a scary time right now -- which is why a lot of people wanted to make sure that Grandpa Marvin is being safe during his senior shops.

    "I have talked to him non-stop about social distancing and he is only going out during senior times and to grab my grandmas medicine," the mom-to-be assured. "We live in a low risk state and he promised he is being extra careful."

    Here's hoping Grandpa Marvin stays safe -- and that this Reddit mama feels more prepared for her upcoming birth now that her Pops has got her covered.