Stranger Leaves Heartfelt Note & Box of 'Gifts' to Thank Delivery Drivers for All They Do

Box of free items

As most of America continues to retreat indoors, essential workers across the nation continue to do what they do best: show up for the people who need them. Yet while we're used to applauding the efforts of first responders and health care workers, the current pandemic has also expanded our focus to other "heroes" on the front line -- the delivery drivers who are bravely going to work each day to bring us the things we need, despite putting their health at risk. One stranger recently decided to thank them by leaving a special note on their doorstep, along with some small "goodies" they could take with them. 

  • It was Tadashi Andrews, 40, who first spotted the care package on a doorstep in Glendale, Arizona.

    Andrews, who works as a courier, was dropping off a package when he saw a cardboard box filled with free supplies like toilet paper, canned food, and bottled water -- all essentials that might be hard to come by in stores around the country right now.

    But in addition to the box of free items, Andrews was struck by the handwritten message that was written on the front, and addressed to UPS, FedEx, USPS, and Amazon delivery workers.

    "Thank you for being committed to the human race, we are depending on you!" it read. "Take anything you want! Spread love! Stronger TOGETHER."

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  • Andrews, who later took to Instagram to express is gratitude, was overcome by emotion after seeing the note.

    "WE NEED MORE OF THIS!!!" he captioned his post. "I deliver to so many types of places every day. Businesses, houses, apartments, hospitals, you name it, I'll deliver. This house I just left had this box on the porch. So thoughtful. So caring."

  • The small gift of thanks was especially moving considering how things have played out since the pandemic first began.

    Stores across the nation struggled to keep up with the sudden influx of customers bulk-buying items and clearing off store shelves of sudden must-haves like toilet paper, sanitizer, and antibacterial wipes.

    "In a time when people are panicking an hoarding everything for no really good reason, these people are willingly giving it away," Andrews continued. "We need waaaaay more of this. Everyone needs to see this ... "

  • Ironically, Andrews shared that he didn't actually grab anything for himself.

    "I didn't need anything, so I didn't take anything," he shared. "That's how we also need to be."

    Needless to say, Andrews' post has touched many people since he first shared it on March 20.

    Some took it as an opportunity to thank people like Andrews for themselves.

    "Beautiful!" wrote one person. "Thank you too for all you do for all of us!"

    "We also need more people like this driver," another person added. "I pray for all of us"

    Other drivers also chimed in on the post to share their own appreciation.

    "That makes me so happy!" wrote someone else. "I deliver for Instacart and Amazon and appreciate the kindness that most people are showing towards each other right now!"

  • Andrews later said the day started off like any other. But given the stressful times we're in, the note was extra-special.

    "Her message was pretty compelling and touching to me, seeing how people are buying [a lot of] stuff … and she was willing to give it away," Andrews told Good Morning America this week. 

     "It was all about this person’s gesture towards [couriers]," Andrews said, of why he chose to post about it online. "I leave my house at 4:15 a.m. every morning; I don’t get home until 7 p.m. every night. Sometimes I don’t get to go to a grocery store that’s stocked. It’s been nice to see that people are helping us couriers."

    While he's grateful for the added praise the post has brought delivery workers, he also felt the homeowner's kindness should not go overlooked.

    "[The picture] wasn’t about me, but this homeowner’s gesture," he told GMA. "That’s the important part of this whole thing is just complete selflessness and giving to others that need more than you."