Mom's Video Nails a Co-Parent's Worst Nightmare During the COVID-19 Crisis

Jess Hilarious

With more and more states asking their residents to stay home during the coronavirus outbreak, it makes sense to keep kids inside and away from possible exposure. So imagine the horror that mom and comedian Jess Hilarious of Baltimore, Maryland, felt when she picked her son up from her ex and discovered that they had quite the jam-packed time together -- outside the house.

  • The mom was in for a BIG surprise when her son told her about his time with Dad.

    Although the video is most likely staged, it serves as a reminder of the importance of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's guidelines to reduce the risk of spreading the novel coronavirus -- i.e., staying inside and social distancing. 

    The 28-year-old comedian shares son Ashton with her ex, Romiie J., according to the Daily Mail. In a video posted to Instagram on March 18, Jess' son claims that instead of keeping him safe at home, his dad took him out for a weekend on the town.

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  • Apparently, the two had the best weekend of Ashton's life.

    Jess captioned the video: "WHEN YOU GET YOUR KID BACK IN THE MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC." 

    "You have fun at your dad's?" she asked her son in the video.

    "Yes, we went everywhere," he tells her from the back seat. "We went to Chuck E. Cheese, we went to Sky Zone. We went to a couple restaurants. And then, we rolled past the airport to get daddy's check."


    We can't even.

  • Jess's expression says it all.

    The mom then told her son to get out of the car. "Get out," she told him. "Get out. Get out."

  • Online people thought the video was hysterical.

    The over 1 million people who liked the mom's video all thought the whole thing was hilarious.

    "I’M HOLLERIN," one person wrote in the comments. "The look on her face got me on the d--n flo.'"

    Someone else lamented, "This is exactly what I'm afraid of."

  • Of course, the video is played for laughs, but the reality is that this is no laughing matter.

    According to the CDC, there is currently no vaccine for the coronavirus, so to limit infection and spread, we need to be practicing social distancing (maintaining a distance of 6 feet from other people in public), washing hands, covering coughs, and most importantly staying home to both prevent contracting the virus and spreading it to others.

    By doing this, we might have a fighting chance at "flattening the curve." As the New York Times explained, that means slowing the spread of the virus so our already overwhelmed medical system has time to respond to the growing number of cases.

    In the case of Jess' video, it can help to laugh at the absurdity of this situation. But parents also need to keep in mind that failing to follow the CDC's guidelines -- meant to keep us healthy and safe -- is not something to joke about.

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