Winery's Fat-Shaming Entrance 'Challenge' Has Women Appalled & Disgusted

Badger’s Brook Winery

A winery in Victoria, Australia, has come under fire for a so-called "fat-shaming" gate that has people online pretty furious. The gate, which is at the entrance to Badgers Brook Estate Winery in Coldstream, has different-sized openings for patrons to walk through. As if that weren't troubling enough, each also has a label such as "Big-Boned Body" and "Overweight Body," written on it.

  • Shannyn Tucker snapped a photo of the front gate over the weekend during a recent trip to the winery.

    Tucker was there on Sunday and saw the gate in the car parking lot, according to Yahoo! News

    Needless to say, she was not a fan.

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  • The gate, which is apparently called the "Stature Challenge Door," has six slots of shrinking size -- the smallest being "Congratulations."

    Other door sizes are labeled as "Chubby," "Plump," and "Standard." (Yes, really.)

    In a Facebook post that has since been deleted, Tucker wrote that the gate left her "disgusted" and shocked that the winery owners apparently "thought this was okay."

    Tucker added that she thought the gate would give people "bad body issues" (if they didn't already struggle with that).

  • According to Tucker, the front gate is a not-so-subtle form of fat-shaming.

    “It shouldn’t be okay to make anyone of any age feel uncomfortable for not fitting through an ‘ideal’ space,” she wrote. “This is actually disgusting. I don’t understand how this is acceptable in this era.”

  • In comments left on Tucker's post, people agreed that the gate was discriminatory.

    Of the hundreds who chimed in on Tucker's post, most seemed to be pretty much in agreement that the gate was offensive and absurd.

    “Are they kidding? This needs to be taken down!” one person commented.

    "This is horrifying!” another person agreed.

  • Badgers Brook Estate Winery finally issued a formal apology Tuesday.

    It appears winery officials knew they'd stepped in it -- big time.

    "Dear valued customers," a post on the winery's Facebook page read. "We apologize for the offense we caused by displaying the Body Stature Challenge in our car park.

    "We did not understand that this would be offensive, however now we understand why it is inappropriate and have removed it," it continued.

    Hmm ... 

    Although it's nice that the company is owning up to the mistake and acknowledging how damaging the gate's message was, it seems like this apology is too little, too late. And the fact that it even existed in the first place shows that the body positivity movement still has a lot of work left to do.

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