Photographer Transforms Moms-To-Be Into Pregnant Disney Princesses

Cinderella maternity photo
Vanessa Firme Photography

Having a baby is a magical time that's meant to be celebrated -- and nobody does that better than Brazilian photographer Vanessa Firme. The self-taught photographer and mother of two has been staging Disney princess-themed maternity shoots that are going super viral right now (for obvious reasons). And once you take a look, they just might transport you into another world ... 

  • Firme told Insider that her whimsical photos are like a glimpse into the future of our favorite fairy tale princesses.

    "I thought, this must be what happens after 'happily ever after,'" she said.

    From the looks of things, "happily ever after" looks pretty incredible.

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  • She's had a mom-to-be channel Snow White as she frolicked through the enchanted forest.

    (And nearly bit into that apple!)

    And Cinderella nearly losing her glass slipper on the steps of a "palace."

  • She's also captured Ariel of 'The Little Mermaid,' rummaging through treasures on the beach.

    Among her many finds? A dinglehopper and ... a binky! (A definite must-have, once that baby arrives.)

    “These photos tell mothers that they can all be whoever they want to be,” Firme told Good Morning America this week.

    Yes, even if that is a fairy tale mermaid who wants to be human.

  • Firme has even carried the theme over into mommy-and-me infant photo shoots.

    Needless to say, they've been pretty adorable. (Would you just look at that little Beast?!)

    It's no wonder that the photos are now going viral.

    "When we saw all of Brazil engaged in the concept and the demand generated from the photo shoots, it was very gratifying," she told the Indian Express.

  • It all started with a beautiful, custom-made maternity dress, inspired by Belle from 'Beauty and the Beast.'

    The 39-year-old photographer, who is based in Rio de Janeiro, told Good Morning America that a client came to her wanting to pay tribute to her soon-to-be daughter, who she planned to name Bela. The name soon inspired the photo shoot, which inspired the dress and a fairy tale backdrop that Firme absolutely loved.

    “I thought how magical it would be for her when she saw her own mother dressed as the princess,” Firme said. “People loved it and we decided to make more princesses.”
  • Each portrait is more gorgeous than the next, celebrating our love of classic Disney princesses, as well as the new life that's about to arrive.

    In fact, Firme told Insider that she believes Disney princesses are an ideal way to celebrate moms, because they're "a great inspiration to children in the world." (Plus, can you imagine when that little baby turns into a 5- or 6-year-old, and sees a photo of Mom dressed as Ariel, Belle, or Cinderella? The excitement!)

  • The experience has been so fun for the Brazilian photographer, she definitely doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon.

    "The result was magical for each one of them," she told Insider about her maternity shoots. "They were removed, for an instant, from the real world, and taken to a world of enchantment."