Husband Makes Wife Feel Like an 'Awful Mom' for Not Wanting To Share Food With Her Toddler


Woman ordering fast food

It's been a long day, work was rough, and all you want to do is grab some comfort food on your way home and hit the couch. (Sound familiar?) There's just one catch, though: You've got a full night of mom duty ahead of you, and a kiddo who will definitely want some of what you're having. Such was the case for one mom on Reddit this week, who decided to treat herself to some guilty-pleasure food after a long, hard day. She just wasn't expecting her toddler to have a full-blown meltdown when she wouldn't share her fries.

  • In her post, the anonymous mom explained that it can be hard to have to share with your child all the time.

    Although the mom loves her 4-year-old daughter (or her little "potato," as she calls her), she admits that this recent incident made her feel really frustrated.

    "Every parent knows the struggle of having to share everything you eat with your kid," the mom shared. "Whenever she sees me eating, she wants some. 99.9 percent of the time I share with her because it’s not a huge deal."

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  • But after a long, difficult day, the mom wasn't ready to go halfsies on her food.

    "Today I had an awful day at work, so I picked up some food from my favorite restaurant on the way home," she continued.

    All she really wanted was to lie down in her bedroom and enjoy her fries. She even resorted to hiding her food, but her kiddo barged into the room anyway and demanded her food. 

    "This time I didn’t feel like sharing with her, so I told her no," the mom said.

  • And that's when the meltdown started ...

    Her daughter completely flipped out -- crying and throwing a tantrum over the fries.

    "I just tell her that Mommy had a rough day and she can eat one of her snacks in the cupboard if she’s hungry (she’d already eaten dinner), and try to explain that people don’t always have to share with her," the mom continued. "I remain totally calm and try to leave the room."

  • That's when her husband came into the room -- and told her she was being a bit selfish.

    He was mad that the mom caused their daughter to cry, and told her she was in the wrong.

    "I’m like seriously? Can I just enjoy my favorite food in peace after a rough day?" she wrote. "Apparently not and I’m an [expletive] for not sharing!"

  • The mom ended up giving her daughter her treat after being guilted into it.

    But the mom also ended up in the bathroom crying, because she felt like "an awful mom" for being angry about it.

    "My husband says that it’s 'not a big deal to share' and says I’m an [expletive] for not sharing," she wrote. "He told me that kids are better at sharing than I am."

    "I told him that I deserve to enjoy one meal by myself in the comfort of my bed after having a godawful day and we don’t want to teach our daughter that she gets whatever she wants when she wants it," she recalled.

    Now they're both angry -- at each other.

  • In the comments, people actually applauded the mom for standing up to herself.

    "Kids need to learn limits and boundaries and she is by far old enough to understand," one commenter wrote. "Your husband taught her that throwing a tantrum gets her whatever she wants ... good luck with that. Kids cry and get upset, doesn't mean you do anything to quiet them down and keep the peace. It means you teach them to manage their emotions and learn empathy."

    "'Sharing is caring’ doesn’t mean a child gets to grow up thinking they’re entitled to everything," another person agreed. "That just makes them spoiled, not generous. Poor momma. I hope Original Poster gets her fries."

    "Letting them have a tantrum and not letting them get their way is not gonna kill them," someone else said.

  • Other people thought the mom was being a brat.

    "It's fries for [expletive] sake," one commenter wrote. "You know I'm right and don't listen to the people who say NTA. That's an [expletive] move."

    "This is like relationship 101 stuff," a second commenter said. "No matter what anyone says, they WILL want your food so if you pick some up, get backup to give them so you can have yours. It's not that hard. Also, it's a kid..."

    "It’s not like sharing a few chips were going to kill you and you made your life more difficult by choosing to say no when you knew what would happen," a third commenter wrote.

  • Now that the dust had settled, the mom decided that she didn't want her daughter to grow up entitled.

    Later on in the thread, the mom wrote that she is determined not to let her daughter grow up that way.

    "She’s our first child, of course we’re gonna mess up, we’re learning!" she wrote. But she wants her husband to agree that they need to teach their daughter the right lessons. 

    "I definitely will not encourage this behavior in the future and I’m gonna have a serious talk with my husband to get us on the same page," she posted.