Mother-in-Law Ruins Birth Announcement by Spilling the News on Facebook Before Mom & Dad


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We get it; a new baby isn't just exciting for the parents -- the whole family gets pretty pumped too. But that doesn't mean that anyone gets to steal Mom and Dad's thunder by spilling the baby news first. Unfortunately, that was the case for one mom-to-be, who recently shared on Reddit that her mother-in-law announced the birth of her first child on Facebook even before she did.

  • Even though the whole mess happened eight months ago, the new mom is still fuming over it.

    In her Reddit post, she shared that she's recently started to think about having a second child, but the embarrassing memory of her MIL's behavior after her first was born has given her pause.

    "Was anyone else in labor with their MILs ear pressed against the door? And the second they got the all-clear, started snapping pictures of their baaaaaaby?" she asked the online forum.

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  • The mom admitted that she loves sharing cute baby photos as much as the next person -- but she feels that first photo should be reserved for her.

    After snapping a slew of post-birth pics, the MIL didn't waste a moment before uploading them to her Facebook page.

    "Why in the hell did this woman think it was okay to post these photos to her very public Facebook before I even had the chance to ... breastfeed? ... shower off the gore? ... tell the rest of my family I had given birth?" the Reddit poster continued.

  • Even worse, the MIL tagged the new mom in her post -- and then revealed the baby's gender, which was meant to be a surprise.

    When the mom's husband called out his mother about the public post, she apparently just "shrugged."

    "If there is a next time I think I’ll just forget to tell her what hospital we’ll be at," the Redditor fumed. "Hmph."

  • In the comments, other parents were furious on the mom's behalf.

    "Next time you should announce the birth on Facebook before you tell her," one commenter wrote. "Maybe then she would see how it made you feel."

    Another person suggested that the mom report the post, to let her MIL how she really feels. 

    "Every time someone from our family shares my kids/nephews or nieces/pets pics on Facebook without my permission I report their post (I usually choose 'Sharing private images' as the reason of reporting the post), they get banned and the posts are deleted," the person wrote. "Maybe it'll work for you too."

    Yet another commenter shared their own tale of revenge, writing:

    "My MIL sent out a birth announcement for my first. Never really owned up to it when confronted. So when I had my second we told her the wrong due date and she missed the birth by being out of town. I hold a grudge."

  • Ultimately, all the mom said that she really wanted on that day was a little privacy.

    "I barely wanted my Significant Other in the room," she wrote later on in the thread. "I was in pain and uncomfortable, there was nothing he could do to ease the pain, he himself said he felt useless the entire time. I’m not the type of person to have an audience watching me suffer lol."

    At least there was one silver lining.

    "Luckily, no one really saw except her Facebook friends," she wrote. "Neither my SO or I approved her post to be seen on our pages."

    The mom also added that her MIL isn't always such a headache, but in this case, she really stepped in it.

    "I just don’t think she properly understands Facebook etiquette," the mom pointed out.

    (Hey, when you put it that way, we all have an older relative or two we can throw into that category.)

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