Vanessa Bryant's Wrongful Death Lawsuit After Helicopter Crash Gets Mixed Reaction

Vanessa Bryant, Kobe Bryant

Weeks after Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gianna, died in a helicopter accident, his wife, Vanessa Bryant, is taking a stand. Vanessa has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Island Express Helicopters following the crash, and people have a lot of opinions about her decision as she copes with the loss of two of her closest loved ones. 

  • Vanessa recently submitted a 72-page lawsuit against the company. 

    According to E! News, Vanessa and her lawyers are arguing that Island Express Helicopters -- including the pilot who died while flying that day -- had a "duty to use that degree of care that an ordinarily careful and prudent pilot would use under the same or similar circumstances," and that they failed to properly monitor the weather before takeoff, as well as failing to abort the flight when conditions changed and failing to safely operate the helicopter, among a long list of other things.

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  • Vanessa is seeking compensatory and punitive damages, although the lawsuit doesn't state how much. 

    "This was a tragic accident. We will have no comment on the pending litigation," a representative for Island Express Helicopters said in a statement to E!

    This news breaks as Kobe, Gianna, and the other seven victims of the crash were memorialized with a huge gathering at Staples Center in Los Angeles, where Vanessa talked about what her husband and daughter meant to her. Over the last few weeks on Instagram, she's been open about sharing how she's coping with her loss.

  • Some people are questioning whether or not this is the right choice.

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    These commenters are ready with a few different points to make -- that Vanessa should have joined together with the other victims' families before filing the suit, or even that the passengers in the helicopter should have known it was a bad day to fly.

    But they're not the ones in charge of making that call. It's very likely that Kobe and the others trusted the company and the pilot to ground the helicopter in the case of bad weather, and that because the flight was still on, it was safe.

  • Others support Vanessa's lawsuit.

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    On the contrary, many other people feel it's not right to judge Vanessa Bryant's situation and that she's just doing what she thinks is best from her standpoint -- and if she wants justice after losing her husband and daughter, we can't blame her for that. Maybe holding the company responsible will help prevent this kind of accident from happening to anyone else? There are so many reasons she may have chosen to proceed with the suit.

  • Ultimately, the decision is up to Vanessa and Vanessa alone. 

    We can't imagine what the past month may have been like for her, and we can't pretend to know why she's decided to go ahead with this lawsuit -- we're not her, and we haven't walked in her shoes. 

    Hopefully, this will help her healing process as she continues to grieve such an unthinkable loss. We're still in total awe of her strength, and we hope that this process goes as smoothly as possible for her.

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