Family Claims They Hear Strange Sounds & Voices Coming From the Walls of Their Child's Room

family hears noises through the walls
ABC 7 Chicago

A family from Lockport, Illinois, can't explain the strange noises coming from the walls of the bedroom used by their 9-year-old daughter, Brianna Smith -- and the search for the source has been an even bigger mystery. People reported the Smith family has been plagued by random noises for years -- sometimes it's music and other times it's voices. But despite the numerous attempts to get to its source, the family remains stumped.

  • The noises have been coming through the walls of Brianna's room on and off for the last six years.

    Speaking with ABC 7, the elementary-aged girl explained the situation, which sounds super creepy.

    "There are voices in the wall and I don't know what it is," she said. "It has been waking me up at night."

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  • Ever since the noises recently started back up, Brianna's been sleeping in her parents' room.

    So you could say that the noises have been keeping them all up at night. Brianna's father, Richard Smith, added that they don't have any speakers in the wall, and they've placed a call to the Lockport Police Department, which took two detailed reports about the problem.

  • In one report, an officer stated that the sounds were "voices and music" and "talking about Christ."

    He also heard a commercial for a Christian radio station, AM 1160. In a recorded sample of the noise, a reporter with the news station could hear a voice that sounded like a pastor praying. 

    "He is praying over someone for healing," Smith described. "I think this is about 1:30 in the morning and woke me up out of a sound sleep."

    In another report, the father told police that he believed the noises were being transmitted from one of six radio towers south of the home. He added that a representative of Cumulus Media, who is not affiliated with AM 1160, even sent out an engineer to investigate.

    "He said, 'I got to be honest with you. I don't know what is acting as a speaker. There is nothing I can explain of why you're actually hearing it,'" the dad recalled.

  • Smith even tore up Brianna's wall to inspect the electrical grounding -- but to no avail.

    "So we took a piece out to expose the electrical wire and conduit to come up with a solution," he said. Thus far, the Federal Communications Commission has been unable to help.

    Patrick Berger, director of engineering with Cumulus Media, explained that what's happening to the Smiths is unusual, but crosstalk from a radio station could be an explanation.

    "AM is a wild thing," he said. But under FCC rules, [AM 1160] is under no obligation to help the Smiths. "When it comes to something like this, there is a small amount of people who actually have experience."

  • As his best guess, Berger said there are a few parts of the Smiths' house that could be acting as a conduit.

    The Smiths might have to hire a different engineer to get to the bottom of things, but Berger said it could be anything from corroded piping or duct work, or it could be the placement of metal inside the walls.

    "The metal could act like a speaker," Berger explained. "That is what they are hearing."

  • After years of the transient noise, the family is desperate for a solution.

    "Sometimes when we think we've arrived at a solution, the next season comes around, and it's back," the dad said.

    Thus far, the family has yet to receive help from the FCC or Salem Media Group, which owns AM 1160.

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