Woman Says Her Cousin Stole Her Baby Name -- & Now the Whole Family Is Furious



There is no bigger offense to an expectant mom than baby name theft. Just imagine it: You've been dreaming of a name for years and then -- poof! It's been nabbed by a friend or family member. Unfortunately, it happens to the best of us, including one woman on Reddit who shared that after her family found out that her cousin had stolen her baby name, they all readily jumped to her defense. Now her cousin is facing the firing squad, but is she wrong for letting him get his comeuppance?

  • The mom-to-be has been dreaming of the baby name for years -- even before she and her husband started to date.

    But at 31 weeks, she still has a bit to go before she can give the name to her daughter. In her post, she explained that the first name she's chosen is sentimental to her, "and my husband and I chose the second name together," she wrote. 

    The two would dream of the future and knew that they wanted their future child to have this name. 

    "It’s gender neutral, so it didn’t matter if it was a girl or a boy," she added.

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  • It's been widely known in the family that this was going to be their baby's name.

    Ever since the Reddit mom-to-be found out she was pregnant, she's been referring to the baby by this name. 

    "Because we’ve had this name in mind for so many years, our whole family knows the name and the meaning behind it," she wrote.

    They even used the name as inspiration for their nursery and bought "little items that have the name or initials on them."

    "There’s basically been no question that this would be our child’s name."

  • But her cousin's wife recently gave birth, and it's causing a major roadblock.

    Before his wife gave birth two weeks ago, the two had pretty much kept quiet on what name they were going use.

    "The name that they ended up choosing is pretty much exactly the same as the name my husband and I chose for our baby," the mom-to-be explained. "It’s exactly the same first name and then an almost identical second name. It would be like if our baby’s name was Mary Elizabeth, then the name they chose is Mary Eliza."

    The name they chose, however, is even more unusual than the one she gave as an example, "so it really does stand out as being the same name."

  • The woman was angry, but she decided not to let it show.

    Now she's worried that it would make her seem "weird and kind of spiteful to use it."

    "I know we don’t own the name or anything, so we can’t stop them from using it, but it still felt pretty icky," she wrote. So she and her husband decided to be "privately weirded out" but choose to ignore it.

    "I sent my cousin a text to tell him and his wife congrats on the baby, and then didn’t reach out any further than that," she added. "I didn’t say anything to him about the name."

  • Her family, however, was not that permissive.

    Even though she and her husband are taking the high road, "the rest of the family is pretty mad."

    "Apparently, a bunch of them (including my cousin’s mom) have reached out and told my cousin and his wife that what they did is really [expletive] and that they need to think about changing their baby’s name," she explained.

    Many family members even reached out to the woman and told her they think it's awful that her cousin stole her name.

    "I absolutely didn’t ask them to do this, but I can’t pretend I’m not happy that people are 'taking our side,'” she admitted.

  • Surprise, surprise. Her cousin is NOT happy about the backlash.

    He even called the poster and asked her to get their family to back off and tell them "that I’m fine with it, because they’re ruining his and his wife’s time with their newborn."

    "I have no intention of doing so because A) I didn’t ask them to talk to him about it in the first place and B) I’m not fine with it; I think it’s weird that he and his wife did this and I have no interest in defending him," she wrote.

    But is that wrong?

  • Most people in the comments thought the poster's cousin kept the name hush hush on purpose.

    "Cleary your cousin was keeping the name secret because they knew this was going to cause a ruckus - and did it anyways," one commenter wrote. "Good on your family for seeing the BS, too."

    "They kept it a secret because they were scared of the fallout," a second commenter wrote. "Now that’s it’s happening they can't deal and want to blame someone else. Honestly I don’t know why you would want all that stress just to steal a name."

    A third person thought the cousin was playing a game of "baby name chicken."

    "I also think they kept it a secret because they thought that if they had already used the name on the birth certificate, Original Poster would yield," the person wrote.

  • More than a few people, however, thought this was NBD.

    "These kids are going to be second cousins," one commenter argued. "Tell everyone to calm down and let. it. go. You can't steal a name."

    "It makes no difference if second cousins have the same name," another commenter wrote. "I REALLY don't get the big deal. I think they could have mentioned they were going to do it, but otherwise meh."

    "This isn’t even remotely a big deal," wrote a third person. "Certainly not worthy of an entire family calling and harassing this couple while they’re trying to settle in with a newborn."

  • No matter what, the woman wrote that she's definitely going to use the name she originally planned.

    On the phone with her cousin, she told him that she hadn't asked their family to lash out, but she wasn't exactly going to tell them to stop either.

    "It was weird and awkward, so I basically just tried to get off the phone as quick as possible," she recalled later in the thread. But that won't stop her from using the name she has been coveting.

    "We're not changing it -- no way!" she wrote. "And I honestly don't expect them to change their baby's name either. I'm upset, but I'm trying to get over it. 

    "I just don't want feel like it's on me to defend my cousin's choice, ya know?" she continued. "He did this -- he can deal with it."

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