Moms Inspired By #JLoChallenge Post Honest Bikini Selfies

Jennifer Lopez bikini selfie

There wasn't a woman tuned into the Super Bowl halftime show last month who didn't walk away with one united thought: "OMG, J.Lo's body is INSANE -- how do I get that?!" It's never been a secret that the 50-year-old singer-songwriter and mom of two has an undeniably rockin' bod, or that she's worked really hard to get it that way. Still, witnessing her move and shake on stage alongside Shakira was jaw-droppingly inspiring, in a lot of ways. So was a recent bikini selfie Lopez shared on Instagram, which racked up more than 8.1 million likes. In fact, it's spawned something of a viral challenge, inspiring moms everywhere to get in on the action -- and not just the ones who have "perfect" bikini bods.