Static Cling Claims Another Victim: Son Finds Mom's Black Thong Stuck in His Pant Leg During Music Class

Heather Nicholson and son
Heather Nicholson/Facebook

Kids can bring a lot of random stuff home with them from school, such as day-old peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, squished beyond recognition at the bottom of their backpacks. Or "special" rocks they discovered during recess that they just had to carry home in their pockets. But last week, Heather Nicholson definitely wasn't expecting the "treasure" her son whipped out during afternoon pickup. The story behind what it was and how it got there has sent the entire internet into hysterics ever since.

  • In a February 20 Facebook post, Nicholson shared the hilarious tale and how it all went down.

    It began with her son Hunter hopping in the back seat of her car to tell his mom a funny story from the day. 

    "Momma, something funny happened today," he said.

    "Oh yeah? What's that?" Nicholson innocently replied.

    And that's when it happened ...

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  • Reaching into the depths of his pant leg, her son pulled out a black pair of underwear.

    And not just anyone's underwear, either. It was Nicholson's underwear -- and a black silky thong, to boot.

    OH. MY. GOD.

  • "I found this during music class!" Hunter informed her. To which the mom promptly turned 50 shades of RED.

    Apparently, her thong had attached itself to the inside of her son's pant leg in the dryer, thanks to a nasty case of static cling. In a state of panic, little Hunter just "shoved it back up there and left it all day because he thought I would want it back!" his mom explained.

  • Throughout the day, the little boy made sure his mama's precious thong was kept under wraps.

    "He said he kept pretending to tie his shoe all day to shove them back up his pant leg," Nicholson relayed.

    As a result, it was safely stowed, right there in his pants, for a full school day.

  • Once the mom heard her son's heroic tale, she pretty much lost it.

    "After I caught my breath, I snatched them back and said, 'THANKS, SON!'" Nicholson wrote in the post. "I mean, if you don't save your moms thong, are you even a mommas boy?"

  • On Facebook, people couldn't get enough of the story.

    After all, many of us have been victims of static cling, but few of us have a tale this hilarious to share.

    "Oh my goodness. I’m literally laughing my butt off," wrote one user. "Thank you so much for sharing this!!! I can’t believe he just kept it there. What a sweet boy!"

    "This is the best sign of a son's love for his mom," another person wrote. "He's already taking care of you."

  • Others jumped in to share some static cling horror stories of their own.

    "So this happened to me when I was in third grade," one person shared. "I remember the exact place I was sitting in Mrs. Gibson’s class when I felt something by my shoulder pad (you know you had shoulder pads, too). I reached in and out came my mom's panties that had been clung to my sweater from the dryer I was horrified."

    "I thought I had a dryer sheet in my pant leg walking the kids into school one morning, get back to my car to find it was a pair of my thongs," another mom shared. "So glad it stayed until I got back to the car."

  • After hearing story after story, Nicholson was inspired to create a "support group" of sorts for others who have been similarly traumatized.

    The Victims of Static Cling Support Group on Facebook is described as a place to share a story if you too have found yourself in an embarrassing scenario, thanks to some good ol' static electricity. If you haven't checked it out yet, do yourself a favor and hop on over, because it has quickly become a hilarious new corner of the internet.

    "My husband and I were out and about and decided to stop for dinner," one woman shared in the group. "We were dressed casually so we chose a place that wasn’t fancy, but also wasn’t a family restaurant (patrons tended to be of the older generations). We were in line waiting for the hostess to seat us when she pointed and said, 'Sir, you dropped your rag.' To our horror, we looked down to see a pair of my red undies. Oh. My. God. They had been attached to his hoodie somewhere ALL DAY and right then and there is when they decided to make their appearance."

    YEP -- the stories are just that good, and as embarrassing as they are, they sure are uniting people in shared mortification. And really, what's better than that?