Dog the Bounty Hunter Proposes to Girlfriend Months After Beth's Death

Moon Angell, Dog The Bounty Hunter

Well, it looks like the rumors might have been true: Dog The Bounty Hunter and Moon Angell are more than friends, and now, it appears they might actually be engaged. While filming an episode of The Dr. Oz Show, Dog proposed to Moon ... less than a year after he lost his wife, Beth Chapman, after a long battle with cancer.

We're a bit baffled right now.

  • In a clip from the upcoming February 3 episode, Dog and Moon both appear, and it looks like he asks her to marry him.

    Dog can be seen telling Dr. Oz that he's "a lot happier with her around," and then, Dog says -- seemingly through tears, "Moon Angell, will you marry me?" 

    We don't get to see Moon's response (or much else) in the promo, but whoa. How did we go from debating about whether they were even dating to a potential engagement?! This is a lot to take in. 

    There's one catch, though. According to what a source close to the situation told Us Weekly, Dog and Moon aren't actually engaged, and there's been no ring exchanged. 

    Hmm ... 

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  • Whatever's going on, Dog's daughter, Lyssa, isn't happy. 

    Even though she's clearly avoiding saying something she might regret, this tweet really does say it all.

    All along, Lyssa has been open about her feelings on Dog and Moon -- including how she thinks Moon is trying to erase her mother from their lives to take her place. It's been what seems like a very volatile family situation, and with this proposal news, we can't imagine it's gotten any better over the last few weeks. 

  • Assuming the proposal is real, fans aren't into it. 

    Facebook comments

    ... at least, not judging by these comments, anyway.

    A lot of people believe that Dog's moving on too soon. After all, Beth died in June, so less than a year has passed since then. And considering the amount of backlash Dog's reported relationship with Moon has gotten from his children, it's all a bit troubling.

  • Hopefully, when this episode of 'The Dr. Oz Show' airs next week, it'll clear everything up. 

    But in the end, what happens next is up to Dog and Dog alone. He's the only one who knows what will truly make him happy, and he does deserve to find happiness, especially after the huge loss he's suffered.

    If he's going to marry Moon, though, we hope he knows what he's getting into. We'd hate to see him heartbroken all over again.

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