Photo of Kobe Bryant Coaching Daughter Gianna Day Before Tragic Accident Surfaces

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Kobe Bryant, Gianna Bryant
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We're still reeling from the loss of Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gianna Bryant, over the weekend -- as well as news of the other families on the helicopter -- and now, we have even more evidence of how strong their bond really was. A new photo has surfaced of Kobe coaching Gianna at basketball practice the day before their deaths, and it's bringing the point home how involved he was in her life. 

  • On Sunday, Kobe and Gianna (along with several others) were killed in a helicopter crash on the way to his Mamba Basketball Academy. 

    Finding out about Kobe's death was shocking to say the least, and it was made even more horrifying because Gianna and some of her teammates were also in the helicopter.

    And now, we're getting more of a glimpse into what Kobe's final days were like.

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  • This photo of Kobe coaching Gianna at basketball the day before the accident really says it all. 

    There he was, at the academy in Thousand Oaks, coaching Gianna and their team, the Mamba Lady Mavericks. He was also seen along the sidelines, watching the girls play. Considering the passion they both shared for the sport, it's no surprise that Kobe and Gianna were there, getting some practice in before they were set to the return the next day.

  • Fans are still so heartbroken about this horrifying news.

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    These comments prove the impact Kobe had on so many people, and we have a feeling this is something a lot of us will still be trying to process in the days and weeks to come. It's so unfair to lose such a legend so young -- and so soon after his retirement. Combine that with the loss of his daughter, as well as seven others, and it's hard to even fathom that this happened.

  • We'll certainly be thinking of the Bryants and all the families affected by this tragedy in the coming days.

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    We can't imagine what those families must be going through, and because it's still so recent, we know more details about the crash and Kobe's final days are probably yet to come. 

    This is just going to be one of those celebrity deaths we have a hard time moving past. Kobe will most certainly never be forgotten.

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