Baby Dies 3 Months After Pregnant Mom Was Fatally Shot In Stomach Days Before Delivery

Milan Isla McGraw

A 3-month-old from Jacksonville, Florida, who initially survived the fatal shooting of her pregnant mother in October has reportedly passed away. Milan Isla McGraw died January 12, months after her 19-year-old mother, Iyana McGraw, was shot in the stomach while carrying her. At the time, Iyana was just days away from giving birth to Milan.

  • The incident happened October 7, 2019, as Iyana was inside the apartment she shared with her boyfriend, 26-year-old Miles Hall.

    Police found Iyana -- who was nine months pregnant at the time -- lying in the dining room of the home with multiple gunshot wounds, according to News4Jax. Police later discovered bullet holes through the door, window, and wall.

    The mom-to-be was rushed to a hospital, where she was officially declared dead. Incredibly, however, Milan survived. 

    Meanwhile, Hall -- who was later confirmed to be the baby's father -- was arrested shortly after the shooting on charges of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

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  • Milan had been on a ventilator for more than three months. According to her great aunt, she was never able to fully breathe on her own.

    Speaking with News4Jax on January 14, the aunt, Gloria McGraw, lamented that her niece would never get to see her daughter grow up. 

    “She was so young,” McGraw said. “Four days and Milan would have been here, healthy baby.”

    McGraw explained that no matter how hard they tried, doctors were unable to get Milan to breathe on her own.

    “At some points, we had hope that she would be able to do it," she shared. "They took her off the machine and put her right back on because she couldn’t do it. She was trying to fight, but she couldn’t do it.

    “We had a lot of hope thinking we would have Milan here, thinking Iyana would live through her," added the grieving aunt. "However, God had other plans."

    On January 12, Milan's three-month battle to live came to an end.

  • Gloria said she hopes that after everything her family has been through, they'll one day get justice for their girls. 

    McGraw said she would like people who see her family's story to be able to empathize.

    “I need you to close your eyes and take a moment," Gloria said. "Take Iyana out of the equation and put your child in her shoes, put your grandchild in her shoes, and what would you do if your child was murdered that way and you knew it was someone out there who knew?”

    The family has yet to have their day in court, though. To date, no one has been arrested in connection with Iyana's murder.