Woman’s Cheating Boyfriend Gets Her Sister Pregnant & Mom Blames Her for RSVPing No to the Wedding


Couple getting married

Anyone who's had a partner cheat knows that the last thing they'd ever want after a break-up is to bump into the ex. Unfortunately, for one anonymous woman, that seems very likely. According to a recent Reddit post, her former boyfriend strayed pretty close to home when he started dating her sister. (YIKES.) Now that the two are getting married -- and have a baby on the way -- it looks like he's here to stay. She just doesn't know if she can really put the whole thing behind her.

  • In her post, the woman fully admits that she's more upset with her sister than she is with the guy who left her.

    " My sister is marrying my ex-bf who she started dating while I was still in a relationship with him," she wrote. "Yes, I know my ex was a scumbag too, but honestly, it hurts more my own sister did this to me over his cheating lying a--."

    Making matters worse, though, is that she really doesn't want to go to the nuptials -- and she's feeling pressure from her family.

    "At first, everyone was on my side and didn't urge for reconciliation and respected my desire to be nowhere near those two," she explained. "But now they're getting married (and my sister is expecting her first kid/my parent's first grandkid) my mum is saying I should let the past stay in the past, and move on ... that [my] future niece deserves to have a loving extended family and a loving aunt."

    But the poster just can't let it go.

    "I don't want to just play happy families and let it go," she continued. "And I've staunchly refused to go to their wedding. The wedding is a celebration of the couple and I have zero interest in celebrating their love."

    Is she wrong for not wanting to attend the wedding?

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  • People in the comments had some strong feelings about the situation, with some saying she shouldn't have to go to the wedding if she doesn't want to.

    "As you tell it your ex-boyfriend cheated on you with your sister," one commenter wrote. "Your family should support you and care for you. Your sister did neither."

    "Even if your ex-boyfriend didn't want to be in a relationship with you anymore, he could have broken up with you," the person continued. "Your sister could have refused to let him cheat on you with her. She was self-serving and showed complete disregard for your emotions. You have every right to be upset."

    "Most of the time I'd say 'let bygones be bygones' but this is too much," another commenter agreed. "I'm not sure I'd have any relationship with her if I were you."

    "I hope you can eventually reconcile for YOUR sake (carrying that around is probably taking a lot out of you), but doing it in time for their wedding seems unlikely, and probably not worth it," someone else wrote.

  • But believe it or not, a lot of people agreed with the woman's mother -- she should suck it up and go.

    "Original Poster isn't an [expletive]," one person commented. "But she needs to understand what is going to happen if she pursues this course."

    The person continued:

    "She will be in some sense cutting herself off from her family. It's unfair but at the same time it is not. The baby is innocent and deserves to have involved grandparents who also want to be in its life. This can't happen without the sister and her husband being in their life too. If OP is planning to continue on this course of complete non-intersection, then her time with family will diminish. She can be ok with that as long as she realizes that is the choice she is making."

    "I wouldn’t go either," another person chimed in. "You should forgive them for yourself though. It’s not approving of what they did, but letting the anger go for your own peace of mind. You can forgive without condoning. You can forgive without being friends. You don’t have to play happy family, but you should focus on your own happiness."

    "You 100 percent don’t have to go to her wedding, but the child ... be cool with it," a third person advised.

  • In the end, the woman admitted that she just doesn't think she can face the couple at their wedding. 

    "She broke my trust in a way I honestly feel like I can't recover from," she wrote later in the thread. "I'm seeing a therapist, and she agrees that it's healthier for me mentally to just cut her out of my life. I just can't let it go that she did this to me." 

    Honestly, can you really blame her?