A Christmas Scrooge Is Leaving Notes in Walmart Toys Telling Kids That 'Santa Is Fake'

Santa is fake
Local 12

A holiday Grinch is apparently trying to ruin the holiday magic in Wasilla, Alaska, this week, by leaving anonymous notes on toys at Walmart telling kids that Santa isn't real. (Yes, really.) One of the notes was recently discovered by Brianna Ridge's mother, who was shopping for gifts for her daughter, and now, the mom is sharing the story to warn other parents about the messages.

  • Ridge said her mother was stunned to find the note while doing some Christmas shopping last week.

    "My mom had purchased some gifts at Walmart here in Wasilla and noticed in the doll box that she had bought for my daughter had a little piece of paper hanging out," she told news station Local12. "It tells kids that their parents have been lying to them and Santa is not real."

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  • "Hey Kids!!" the front of the card reads. "Santa is fake but Jesus is real."

    The other side of the card continues to spoil the Christmas fun, too, telling kids, "Santa is fake. The world has lied to you."

    "Christmas is about a real man," it continues. "JESUS."

    The note then goes on to tell the story of Jesus' life and death before sending a chilling message to kids about the "true" meaning of the holiday:

    "If you are sorry for doing bad things, like lying to your parents or stealing, you can tell God you're sorry and that you do not want to ever do bad things again and if you believe in your heart that Jesus died for you and rose from the dead then you will be forgiven by God and you can be saved and go to heaven."

    The card ends by reprimanding parents for "lying" to their kids. 

    "Teach them to get on their own knees and cry out to the God of the Bible for the things they need," the note continues. "Like forgiveness and salvation."

  • Ridge was horrified by the note, and couldn't believe someone would go to such measures to spoil Christmas for little kids.

    According to Kidspot, the mom then proceeded to double check all of her Christmas gifts to make sure there weren't others like it. And now, she's going one step further by urging other parents in the area to do the same.

    "Definitely take a look and make sure before you wrap anything else, that this card, or others like it aren't in those packages,” she told Kidspot.

    No matter how you choose to celebrate the holidays, I think we can all agree that it's up to parents to decide what to tell their kids when it comes to Kris Kringle. Spoiling the fun for little ones who still believe in Christmas magic isn't just wrong -- it's pretty Scrooge-like, if you ask us.

    Here's hoping more of these "PSAs" don't wind up in the wrong hands before Christmas Day.