'Lesbian Kiss' on the Hallmark Channel Reignites Outrage

Zola Commercial

With all the protest there's been lately about keeping Hallmark Channel "family-friendly," people have found another thing to get up in arms about. A lesbian kiss aired on Hallmark -- albeit in a commercial, not in one of the network's famous Christmas movies -- and it's already sparked so much outrage.

(Seriously? Come on.)

  • It all started when this commercial for Zola aired on Hallmark Channel: 

    For anyone who hasn't heard of it, Zola is a wedding planning website where couples can create wedding websites and registries all in one place.

    And yeah, that includes LGBT couples, obviously.

    The commercial features two women who are getting married and share a kiss (as any couple would during their ceremony), and oh boy, are people heated about it. 

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  • In response to the ad, One Million Moms is asking for people to take action against the same-sex commercial.

    In a press release shared on its website, the organization claims that ads like this one can be damaging to children who may be watching the channel (sigh).

    "Shame on Hallmark for airing commercials with same-sex couples and even considering movies with LGBT content and lead characters," the press release read. "Until recently, Hallmark had a good record for keeping their movies and commercials family friendly. Now, parents can no longer trust Hallmark because Hallmark is no longer allowing parents to be the primary educators when it comes to sex and sexual morality." 

    Boy oh boy. It's hard to know where to start with this! 

  • The conservative "pro-family" group also launched a petition asking Hallmark not to feature LGBT couples in its programming.

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    After Hallmark shared that it's considering making its movies more inclusive, One Million Moms made it clear that the organization does not approve, instead urging the network to stay "family-friendly."

    But right now, Hallmark is (mostly) only friendly to white, straight families. Clearly, those are not the only kind of people who watch the channel ... and they're not the only kind of people who deserve to see themselves represented on TV and in movies.

  • Here's hoping that despite these petitions, Hallmark will continue to push for more diverse stories and characters.

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    As much as we can't get enough cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies, they'd be even more interesting if we got to see all types of people on screen -- not just ones who look alike. 

    Those kinds of movies are way more fun to watch, anyway. 

    Everyone wins! 

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