Mama June's Reality Show Could Come to an End Because of Her Downward Spiral

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Honey Boo Boo, Mama June, and Geno Doak
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With how turbulent Mama June's life has been this year, we've been wondering what it means for her reality show, Mama June: From Not To Hot. And now, it seems like we're not the only ones. Apparently, there's a chance June's show won't return, which is just another piece of bad news on top of everything else that she and her family have been dealing with this year. 

  • June's daughter, Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon, made a cryptic Instagram post that has some thinking the show is over.

    The fact that she said "that's a wrap" really makes us think that the show is over with -- at least for now -- and it's no surprise that this post has prompted fans to wonder the same thing.

    Given the path that we've seen Mama June go down recently, it would make sense if it just wasn't feasible for her show to continue without her.

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  • When fans asked Pumpkin about the fate of the show, she didn't seem to have a clear answer.

    Instagram comments

    "Time will tell"? That's ominous -- but it might be a good thing. After all, that means there's a chance that we could see more of Pumpkin, Alana, and their fam in the future ... especially if June is able to get it together at some point.

    But right now, the chances of that happening aren't looking good. 

  • We haven't heard from June in a while, but recently, she was spotted at a hotel in Atlanta with her boyfriend.

    She and Geno Doak were seen checking out of a Hyatt near the airport last week, and it seemed as if they were heading closer to where they used to live to find a new home. Although her family has been trying to get through to her -- and hopefully get her away from Geno -- so far, they haven't had much luck. 

    Let's not forget that June is also facing felony charges for her spring arrest. The future, where she's concerned, could be pretty dicey, especially if she doesn't seek the help she needs ASAP.

  • Whatever happens next, we hope June's family is OK -- especially the kids. 

    Honey Boo Boo, Mama June
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    We know Alana's been living with Pumpkin for most of this year (June gave up the chance to regain custody), and she has to be missing her mom -- and all of June's family has expressed their worry for her at one point or another.

    Hopefully, 2020 will bring a turning point for June, and the show will be able to return. If nothing else, we just hope that she's able to get her life back on track.

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