Petition to Keep Hallmark 'Family-Friendly' Emerges Amid Fears LGBTQ Movies Are on the Way

Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: David Dolsen

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Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: David Dolsen

As much as we adore Hallmark Christmas movies, we've gotta admit that they're very white -- and they don't exactly represent people who aren't straight, either. In a world that's constantly becoming more inclusive, it seems like a given that Hallmark would want to work on this ... but apparently, some fans don't want anything to change. In fact, there's a petition to keep Hallmark "family-friendly," but honestly? That term is a bit insulting. 

  • Two petitions have recently launched, urging Hallmark not to change its model for movies. 

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    According to NBC News, organizations One Million Moms and LifeSiteNews have started these petitions, gaining around 16,000 and 40,000 signatures each, respectively, after Hallmark shared it's looking to make the movie lineup more diverse in the future to include love stories about people who aren't just white and straight. 

    "Shame on Hallmark for airing commercials with same-sex couples and even considering movies with LGBT content and lead characters," said the petition from One Million Moms. "Until recently, Hallmark had a good record for keeping their movies and commercials family friendly. Now, parents can no longer trust Hallmark because Hallmark is no longer allowing parents to be the primary educators when it comes to sex and sexual morality." 

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  • These petitions come after hints Hallmark might become more LGBTQ-plus inclusive in the future.

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    In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter's Top 5 Podcast, the channel's chief executive, Bill Abbot, revealed that he's open to expanding what viewers see from the channel in the future.

    "We're open to really any type of movie of any type of relationship in any space," he said at the time.

    Not exactly a firm go-ahead on the LGBTQ-plus content, but clearly, it's enough to get certain people up in arms about it.

  • Hallmark has also recently been called out for being "too white." 

    Elizabeth Mitchell, Cameron Mathison in The Christmas Club
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    Out of 24 new Hallmark movies this holiday season, only four of them had black leads, and in 2019, this is embarrassing. They can definitely do better, because representation is so important. On the topic of diversity, Abbot said that the channel is making "movies where the best scripts are delivered," and although this may shock some people, good scripts can be about couples who aren't white.

    We know, we know -- it's a radical idea. 

  • Honestly, we hope Hallmark ignores these petitions against diversifying and moves toward more inclusive programming in 2020. 

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    Let's just pretend the ignorant people of the world who only want to see straight white people on TV aren't the majority -- because honestly, they aren't.

    Most of us want to be able to see ourselves in the shows and movies we watch on TV, and our country is made up of a lot more than one type of person. After all, is it really possible for the channel to truly be family-friendly if it isn't friendly to all types of families? 

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