Jessica Biel Told To Divorce Justin Timberlake Amid Cheating Controversy

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Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake
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Following Justin Timberlake's cheating scandal last month, he's come under a lot of hot water, and now, it sounds like fans think wife Jessica Biel should walk. In fact, people are urging Jessica to divorce Justin ... as if that's something she wants to hear right now. 

We don't think Jessica should be treated any less than she deserves, but shouldn't it be up to her to make that call? 

  • Back in November, Jessica shared this photo about a new project she's working on -- without any mention of her personal life. 

    "No time to start filming a project called #LastSummer like this winter!" she wrote. "Looking forward to working with all these lovely people. And okay, I’m not technically on the cast wall ... but I’m very close to it. So that’s cool, too." 

    Innocent post about her career, but it also happens to be her most recent to date. And that's why it's the post that people used to share their opinions on her personal life.

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  • People aren't holding back when it comes to their advice for Jessica to leave Justin.

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    It's easy to see where these people are coming from, because we want Jess to be happy ... and we were pretty angry when we saw that video of Justin getting handsy with costar Alisha Wainwright. Jessica didn't deserve to see that -- or deal with the backlash that came after.

    But in the end, it's only up to Jessica and Justin what happens next, and what they decide might not necessarily match up with what fans think should happen. 

  • After Justin's public apology, it seems like Jessica's planning to stay with him, anyway.

    Shortly after Justin issued his Instagram apology -- chalking his bad behavior up to drinking a few too many and promising that things never went further than that video we saw -- reports began to surface that Jessica believes him and doesn't think he'll cheat.

    Then again, there also have been rumors that Jessica and Justin have been having issues for a long time now, so it's impossible to really know what's going on with these two. 

  • We know Jessica will make the right choice for her and her family.

    It's not up to strangers on the internet to decide what she chooses to do with her life and her marriage; that's up to Jessica. And keeping in mind that they share a son, Silas, who's now 4, there are a lot of factors at play here making the situation more complicated.

    We just hope they get through this. We'll be thinking of them.

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