Britney Spears Is Reportedly Going to Court To Fight For Her Kids

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After a turbulent 2019 for her family, it looks like Britney Spears is planning to fight back in 2020. Reportedly, Britney is headed back to court next year to fight for custody of her children after everything that's happened with her conservatorship and her father, Jamie Spears. Ex Kevin Federline might have the upper hand where custody of their sons is concerned, but is that all about to change? 

  • Back in September, Britney's dad was accused of assaulting one of her sons. 

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    Allegedly, Jamie got physical with Sean Preston, 14, which led to Jamie being investigated by police after dad Kevin Federline reported the incident. At that point, both of Britney's sons were granted a protective order against their grandfather, and despite Britney's arguments that she should be released from having a conservator, she still doesn't have her full independence. 

    As of September, Kevin and Britney share 70/30 custody of their kids, but rumor has it that Britney has wanted this to change for a long time, and now, it sounds like it's all coming to a head.

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  • Sources say Britney wants a more equal custody agreement with Kevin. 

    "Britney’s goal in the new year is to go to family court and petition the judge for increased custody time with the boys," the source told Us Weekly. "She will have the boys on Christmas Eve, and they will go to their dad's at some point on Christmas Day."

    We totally get why Brit would want more time with Sean Preston and 13-year-old Jayden -- they are her kids, after all. Being with them only 30% of the time has to be hard on her, especially as the holidays are approaching.

  • Fans are rooting for Brit to get more time with her boys. 

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    As these commenters pointed out, it does seem that Britney truly loves her sons, and we can't imagine how hard it must be for her to be away from them. Of course she wants to fight for more time -- we'd be surprised if she didn't.

  • Whatever happens next, we're wishing Britney the best. 

    It's definitely been a tough year for her (to say the least) so hopefully better things are coming for her in 2020. In the meantime, we hope she enjoys Christmas Eve with her boys. She deserves a little time to relax with her kiddos during the holidays! 

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