Police Still Searching for Missing 1-Year-Old Girl After Mom Is Found Dead

Venessa Morales
Facebook/Anosonia Police Department

Police are desperately searching for a 1-year-old girl who's been missing since her mother was found dead during a welfare check this week. Authorities say Venessa Morales of Ansonia, Connecticut, should have been at home with her mother on Monday when they made the gruesome discovery. But instead, she was nowhere to be found.

  • Police were asked to conduct the welfare check when Venessa's mother failed to turn up for work or call in sick on Monday.

    Police were alerted to the woman's absence around 1 p.m., but when they went to her home and knocked on the door, there was no answer, according to the CT Post

    About 7:30 that night, a second welfare check was requested for the mother, whose name has been withheld. This time, police decided to force entry after a quick check of the exterior of her home, and discovered her body inside.

    The home was immediately declared a crime scene, and authorities called in state police, as well as the FBI, to assist in the investigation.

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  • In searching the home further, however, police couldn't find the 1-year-old girl anywhere.

    An alert was issued on Tuesday morning, warning that the toddler -- described as "a white female with brown hair and brown eyes" -- might be endangered, according to the Ansonia's Police Department Facebook page. 

    Venessa's father was located soon after, and he has been cooperating with authorities so far, the CT Post reported. Police have also confirmed that he was not living at the residence with the toddler and her mother at the time of the disappearance.

    “This is a two-part investigation -- the first part is a homicide investigation, the second is a missing child investigation,” Lt. Patrick Lynch explained Tuesday evening. “Our main focus at the moment is finding Venessa Morales and making sure she’s safe.”

    As of now, police have also not identified any suspects in the case.

    “We are following several leads and tracking those down as we go ... checking everyone out,” Lynch said. “We’re at the point where we are following every lead we have.”

  • Neighbors described the mother and her daughter as quiet and were shocked by news of the bizarre mystery.

    Neighbor Nicole Pagano explained that after getting the alert about Venessa's disappearance, she walked over to the scene of the crime with her 11-year-old daughter and 8-year-old niece.

    “We walk this area often and never saw anyone there," she shared, recalling that on Halloween, her daughter and niece rang the doorbell and no one ever answered the door.

    Another neighbor at the scene, Dave Pantalone, was also shocked by the incident.

    “This is the best neighborhood in town,” he said. “Nothing ever happens here.”

    Sal Haniaf agreed.

    “It’s all families,” he said. “It’s the best street in Ansonia.”

    Police are asking anyone with information on the girl's whereabouts to contact them at (203) 735-1885 or via the police department Facebook page.