Toddler Dies After Running Back into Burning Home To Save His Beloved Puppy

The Sharps with their son Lokey

A couple in Gentry, Arkansas, considered themselves lucky Saturday when they escaped the flames from a devastating house fire that ripped through their home. But in the chaos that ensued as the fire spread, Caitlin and Kurtis Sharp didn't notice that their toddler Lokey had slipped away undetected, and reportedly gone back into the house in search of his puppy.

  • The fire broke out around 5 p.m. shortly before the Sharps began calling for help.

    The Sharps were actually outside the home when it first began, but as they attempted to douse the flames themselves and call 911, their nearly 2-year-old son, Lokey, slipped out of view in the commotion.

    Kurtis Sharp said his son ran back inside to save their puppy, but ultimately, both perished in the blaze, according to Metro. In fact, the dog "died trying to protect [Lokey] from the fire," the grieving father explained.

    The fire department is still investigating, though initial reports have said that the fire was suspected to be electrical.

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  • The parents are reported to be beside themselves with grief, with Kurtis taking to Facebook to share their anguish.

    "I just wanna stop here and say never take your children for granted," the father wrote, according to the Sun. "Cherish every waking moment with them!!!! We love u bubba and we know you['re] in a better place!!!!"

  • The boy's grandmother, Michelle Phillips, has launched a fundraiser to help cover funeral costs that Kurtis and Caitlin have been hit with.

    "This has to be one of the worst feelings a parent can ever go through and we fear it every day," a description on the Facebook page read. "Please, no matter how small anyone donates, it will be greatly appreciated." They lost their son and "everything inside of the home was completely incinerated, no clothes, food, and no place to call home anymore."

    In addition, friends of the couple have also launched a GoFundMe page to support them in the wake of the tragedy.

    "If you could find it in your heart to donate it would be greatly appreciated," the page read. "Any amount would help!"