6-Year-Old Dies in School Lunch Line Weeks After Mom Allegedly Slashed His Throat

Tyzavier Martin and his mom Shanice

A 6-year-old was standing in a lunch line at his New York City school in June waiting for pizza when he suddenly collapsed. To the shock of the children standing beside him, the little boy suddenly began bleeding and foaming from the mouth. Though administrators rushed in to help, it would be too late for Tyzavier Martin. Now, some five months after his death, police have ruled his death a homicide, caused by a brutal attack by his mother weeks before.

  • The tragic events that would lead to Tyzavier's death really began April 27.

    That's the night his 24-year-old mother Shanice Martin allegedly took a box cutter to the necks of both Tyzavier and his 2-year-old sister, who has not been named.

    Martin turned herself into a nearby station after slashing them -- but instead of calling 911 or bringing them straight to the hospital, she left them both standing on a street corner, still bleeding from their necks, as she reported the incident, according to People

    "Go ahead and arrest me," she allegedly said, a source told the New York Post.

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  • While Martin turned herself in, the children drew the attention of strangers, who immediately called paramedics.

    Only then were the children whisked to a hospital and treated for their injuries.

    Following the incident, Martin was charged with several counts, including attempted murder, assault, child abandonment, child endangerment, and weapons possession, People reported. Now that Tyzavier's death has been ruled a homicide, however, those charges have been upgraded.

  • Tyzavier had only been back at school for two days when he suddenly collapsed June 14. 

    A medical examiner found that Tyzavier's death was caused by “asphyxia due to obstruction of airway by laryngeal granuloma complicating incised wound of neck." Because the initial injury was caused by his mother's attack, the medical examiner ruled his manner of death to be homicide.

  • At the time of his death, Tyzavier had been released into the care of his father.

    Shanice Martin had previously lost custody of the child for two years because of neglect and was found to have suffered from mental illness. But in 2016, the boy was returned to her care.

    She has been held at Rikers Island since the night of the attack and is awaiting her next court appearance. According to the Post, her 2-year-old daughter appears to have recovered from the injuries she incurred during the attack.