Mom Who Drowned Twins in Bath Sends Scathing Letter to MIL Blaming Her & Her Son

Steven Ford's children
Steven Ford/Twitter

This past Father's Day, one dad's emotional poem about his late children captivated hearts across Facebook. And the story behind it was even more heartbreaking than it might have let on. It was written by Steven Ford, a British dad whose world collapsed around him last December when his estranged wife Samantha drowned their 23-month-old twins in the bathtub. The sad story is once again making headlines, after news surfaced that Samantha wrote her former mother-in-law from prison blaming Steven for the horrific murders.

  • According to the Sun, Samantha, 38, drowned her two toddlers the day after Christmas in 2018.

    She was convicted of the crimes in August and sentenced to 10 years in confinement -- starting her sentence in a psychiatric facility until she is well enough to be transferred to prison. 

    During the trial, Samantha denied ever committing murder, but did admit guilt to a lesser manslaughter charge. At the time, prosecutors alleged that the mother of two flew into a rage after splitting with her husband Steven and being forced to move from their affluent home in Qatar back to the UK. 

    Some time afterward, she reportedly went for a drive and intentionally crashed her car, presumably in hopes of killing herself. Once police arrived, Samantha immediately told them to go to her home in Margate, Kent, where her twins would be. It was there that first responders found the bodies of Jake and Chloe in their beds. Both were determined to have been dead for nearly a day.

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  • Now, Steven has shared the news that his former wife recently penned his mother a cryptic letter about the murders.

    "I'm talking to the police and the unit to see if we can prevent this from happening again," Steven told Kent Online late last month. "My mum is absolutely distraught by this. It's made her ill. She's been crying all day."

    Although Steven hasn't released the letter in full, he did describe its contents, which are troubling.

    "The letter is her blaming me for the death of my children," he shared. "Blaming my mum for not supporting her and she calls me a sicko and says my behavior is disgusting."

    Taking to Twitter on November 24, the grieving dad took a moment to blast authorities for letting such a letter to make its way to his mother:

    "The UK failed justice system strikes again!" he tweeted. "The murderer who killed my children has sent a twisted letter to my mum. Trevor Gibbens unit in maidstone should be ashamed for letting this happen. The injustice continues."

  • Following the twins' deaths, Ford was reportedly "hysterical," and asked police to "just let me die."

    "I've killed my babies," she allegedly told them. "I have had a breakdown. I would never hurt them ... they are my miracle babies. It's all a dream."

    Miracle babies they certainly were -- both Jake and Chloe were conceived after a difficult bout with infertility, and finally conceived with the help of IVF.

  • When Steven posted his Father's Day poem earlier this year, he spoke of the deep and everlasting pain caused by his children's deaths.

    It read:

    Pictures are a frozen piece of time / They take me back to when you both were mine.
    My name was different back then and for that, I’m glad / I was once known as the man you called Dad.
    Now it’s just me, alone and still grieving / My name’s no longer dad, now it’s just Steven.
    I think of you both daily / Your memory is all that can save me.
    My heart is broken but slowly mending / I’ll always feel sad, even when I’m pretending.
    Every day that passes takes me further away / But closer to that time in life when I’ll see you again.
    I miss you both so much, it hurts me so bad / I wish I could turn back time, to when I was Dad.

    Steven first shared the poem on Twitter, where many people chimed in to offer their condolences. 

    "You are now a Dad of angels," one person wrote. "I'm so very sorry for your heartache."

    "Beautiful words mate," another said. "Always, always thinking of you, everyday bud."

    In September, the grieving dad shared that he last saw his children the day before their deaths on Christmas. According to the Mirror, Jake "excitedly opened a new toy dinosaur as his tired sister Chloe slept in a bouncer next to the Christmas tree."

    The father spent his last holiday together with his children and family, "surrounded by love and joy until it was time for the children to go with their mum," the newspaper reported. 

    Sadly, no one knew that it would be their last moment of happiness.