19-Year-Old Gives Birth in the Middle of Nightclub's Dance Floor


Dance club

A 19-year-old woman in France got more than she bargained for on a recent night out, after giving birth on a nightclub dance floor during the early morning November 11. Police have yet to identify the woman publicly, but the surprising delivery reportedly happened at the O'Club in the capital city of Toulouse.

  • The club was close to closing for the day when the woman suddenly went into active labor around 5:30 a.m.

    A bouncer approached the club's manager, alerting her to a "situation" with one of the guests, according to Fox News. The manager, who has only been identified as Marie-Helene, was shocked when she was given the details: A pregnant woman was actively giving birth in the middle of their dance floor.

    "There were not many people and a bouncer came to see me," she said. "He said 'It's urgent.' I then saw that she was giving birth."

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  • Moments earlier, the bouncer had witnessed the woman lying down on the dance floor and walked over to investigate.

    It's safe to say he definitely wasn't expecting to discover what he found.

    Staff at the club soon rushed to call an ambulance. 

    "We had to react quickly," Marie-Helene recalled. "An employee was on the phone with the emergency services who told us what to do."

  • Staff were able to coach the woman through her labor, and the baby was ultimately born in good health.

    Paramedics arrived shortly after the baby boy was born, according to PeopleThe manager shared that the crazy experience brought her team closer together, and a few tears were even shed as the mom gave birth.

    “What is positive is that we did not panic, and we were not afraid,” she recalled.

    The mom had reportedly been encouraged to go out that night by a friend who thought it would help get her mind off "personal problems." Marie-Helen confirmed that the teenager had not been drinking that night.

    By 5:30, the teen was still at the club because she was suffering from a stomachache and was having trouble walking. (Of course, it was only later that she realized that the "stomachache" was really labor pains.)

    Marie-Helen joked that she's looking forward to hearing from the new mom now that the dust has settled. 

    “I hope with all my heart that she will give us news,” she joked, adding that the baby boy has “free admission for life.” (Hope he likes dance clubs!)

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