It's Going To Be a Creepy Holiday, Thanks to 'You' Season 2

Penn Badgley in You

'Tis the season to stalk another victim in the making. While many are preparing their DVRs for each and every Hallmark Christmas movie slated to drop, it appears fans of a creepy Netflix series will need to carve out some space on their calendars. After much anticipation, it looks like You season two has a release date, and it's eerily close to Christmas.

  • It's been a number of months since we've heard whispers about 'You' season two.

    Back in August, we learned You season two is going to be "darker" than season one, which is pretty creepy considering how dark the premiere season was. During the first season, Joe (Gossip Girl alum Penn Badgley) developed an infatuation with Beck (Elizabeth Lail) after seeing her in a bookstore he manages. Although feelings weren't mutual in the beginning, over time, Joe and Beck developed a relationship, thanks to deception and Joe's stalker ways.

    Sadly, things didn't turn out well for Beck after she discovered Joe is not only a little too obsessed but also a killer.

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  • And now, we officially have a premiere date.

    Us Weekly reported You season two will follow Caroline Kepnes' book Hidden Bodies, the follow-up to her book You the series is based on. Showrunner Sera Gamble revealed the new season will have Joe leaving New York for Los Angeles where things get ... a little messy, to say the least.

    "At least one scene comes to mind that's gorier and scarier than anything we had in season 1," she once revealed about what's to come. "Episode 2 of the season has my single favorite shot that I have been a part of in my entire career. My career is full of blood and gore and monsters. It's also beautifully shot and the director who shot the second episode lavished a lot of love. Joe is forced to do something he really doesn't want to do."

  • The second season of 'You' will drop on Netflix come December 26.

    (Not exactly Christmas, but pretty darn close!)

    In the new season, Joe has his eyes on Love Quinn, an aspiring chef, played by Victoria Pedretti. Ambyr Childers who played Joe's ex, Candace, is also set to take on season two -- which will be interesting considering most of us thought Joe killed her before going after Beck.

  • The Christmas season just got more interesting.

    From warm, family-friendly holiday feels to a stalker thriller of a show. It's a bit demented, but we'd be lying if we said we aren't looking forward to what goes down during the second season of You.