Dad Puts Adorable ‘Hat’ on His Toddler Before Day Care & His Mistake Is Hysterical

dad sends toddler to school in diaper cover
Ashley Braun/Facebook

Midwest winters are no joke, but one Minnesota dad recently had a cold-weather mishap that has the whole Internet cracking up. David Braun of Lindstrom was in charge of getting his 2-year-old daughter, Elsa, off to day care, but in his rush to get out the door he didn't realize that the knit cap he sent her in was something else entirely.

  • Braun's mistake was only realized when his wife, Ashley, went to pick up Elsa at day care at the end of the day.

    Speaking with Today, the mom explained that when she went to Elsa's cubby, she couldn't find her hat anywhere. But then she put two and two together and realized that the stylish item Elsa had donned on the way to day care that morning was actually a diaper cover.

    Honestly, the mom found the whole thing pretty hilarious.

    "Minnesota is freezing, so I put it on her because it was cold, assuming he thought it was a hat," she explained. "I showed the girls at day care, who laughed endlessly."

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  • It wasn't long before she texted her husband to inform him that the pink knitted "hat" wasn't a beanie.

    "Honey, this isn't a hat," the mom wrote in her text. "It's a diaper cover from when she was an infant. Notice the leg holes."

    To which the dad responded: "Oh, I thought those were for like pigtails."


    Of course, Ashley took the unintentional goof in stride and admitted that this isn't the first time her husband has improvised when it comes to getting their daughter dressed in the morning.

    "He's dressed her funny numerous times -- and it makes my day," the mom shared. "He's sent her in swim shirts, tiny play shorts meant for under her dresses, completely opposite patterned shirts and pants and numerous times in a pajama shirt or pants."

    "I love it," she said. "He makes me smile every day."

  • Ashley posted the exchange on Facebook, where it quickly took off.

    Since November 5, the post has been shared more than 77,000 times, with many moms chiming in that their husbands are guilty of some similar #DadFails too.

    "This is you," one woman wrote after tagging her man.

    "Why can I see you doing this?" joked someone else.

    Meanwhile, Elsa was none the wiser about her dad's fashion faux pas. 

    "Elsa didn't even notice it," Braun told Today. "She said she thought it was a hat as well ... If it wasn't very small and meant for an infant or newborn tush, I'd definitely try the pigtails with it."

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