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  • It's for this reason that many people on Reddit were straight-up angry with the parents for ignoring science.

    "Imagine knowing the symptoms of tetanus and deciding that it's ok and worth the risk ... " one person wrote.

    "I’m mom to one of those immunosuppressed kids," another woman wrote. "[expletive] you."

    A third person had this to say about the situation: 

    "They're actually mad that the doctors don't want their kids getting other people's kids sick just because they had to push their ridiculous beliefs and dangerous beliefs on their children. What a bunch of [expletive] heads. They don't care about their children or anyone else's."

    In the end, the anti-vax movement may be alive and well in certain pockets of the US -- but judging by the feedback these parents are getting so far, it's fair to say that science may truly be winning in the end.